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Valorant: Detailed Guide To Map Bind And Necessary Tips



As one of the maps with a rather surprising teleportation port, let’s refer to and memorize the map Bind in Valorant with tips that you cannot ignore if you just play the game.

Overview of Map Bind in Valorant

  • Unlike Haven, Bind only has 2 Spike Sites (easier to set Spike) so it is easier for Defenders to easily control this map than others.
  • At this map, we are first introduced to the Teleport Gate. TP Out will take you to Hookah and TP In will take you to Shower. In addition to these 2 teleport ports, there is also a teleport port in the middle of the map
  • Currently Bind is the map with the largest area in the game
  • However, because there is no space in between, the two teams will meet a lot in the outer parts of the map.

Bind in the smaller model


Details about Spike Sites on Bind

We can reach site A through the “Shower” lobby, the “Heaven” lobby, and the Short-A (Pipes) lobby. It should be remembered that all the roads to Area A are very short, unlike Haven so we should prioritize close combat and use low-range rapid-fire guns.

We can get to site B by passing “Hookah”, and short B (Elbow). On site B there is 1 so very important and that is Long B (the point located next to TP in, look at the picture). We should understand that because it is too close to the transfer gate and this is why attackers can come very quickly, so this will definitely be a lot of fights, so you and the team need to really check. Check and camp this area well. Like site A we should prioritize close combat in the corridors leading to site B.

Tactics to apply

  • If you look at the map, you will see that this map has no middle ground, so the fighting in this map will mostly be in the corridors. Since these corridors are very short and narrow, we will need to prioritize close combat.
  • Because this map has 3 teleport ports, the attacks of Attackers / Defenders will be very surprising and fast, so if your team knows the position of the opponent, it will be very beneficial for you.

Spies should use

Brimstone: With E being put a bunch of smoke anywhere on the map, this is a great tool for fighting in enclosed spaces, plus Q grenade launcher is great for fighting in the air narrow space

Jett: Yes, if you follow the gameplay or stream of famous players, you also understand why they constantly say Jett is the strongest champion in the game. Maneuver, Variables, Kill as fast as R’s, don’t ask why Jett is the strongest champion in the game.

Phoenix: 1 of the most capable champions to flip the rafter with his R, instantly revived in the position that he just died when activated, especially useful in intense combat and fast as in the map Bind. The C and Q of this champion are also very useful when Q creates a firewall to block the opponent’s vision and Q is like tracking the opponent.