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Valorant: Detailed Guide To Map Haven And Necessary Tips



Let’s take a look at a brief guide to tactics as well as tips on Valorant’s Haven map that you need to know to fit in the map, but also know some important locations and use agents correctly.

Overview of the Haven map


This map is consisting of 3 Spike Sites (this is a Spike setpoint), which is very new because most tactical FPS games usually have 2 points to place bomb maps. Haven is smaller than Bind but has a rather complex map structure with many long lines and narrow angles between all 3 sites.

Turn-based map:


Details of each Site in Haven

  • SITE A: We can get to site A by going through an L-shaped corridor called “A Ramp” and an underground passage called “Sewers”. Long A is very suitable for remote fighting and Sewers is the opposite
  • SITE B: We can get to Site B by going through the window of the house opposite to Site B. The house opposite to site B is also very useful in controlling Site B because this is where leads to “Garage. “, A very important place that defenders must possess if they want to gain control of SIte B.
  • SITE C: We can come here when going through Garage, C Ramp, and Long C.

General tactics should apply

Remember that Garage is a very important place because it is a bridge for both B and C areas, so if your team controls the Garage you will win a huge victory.

Haven is very suitable for remote combat tactics

Defenders should play in a rushing style because if you are overwhelmed, the map always has a way for you to retreat very easily differentiated from other maps. Attackers should play a little cautiously.

Which agents should be used

Brimstone: The ability to create bombs in dead ends or narrow alleys in Haven is worth using and almost every team should have 1 Brimstone when playing in this map

Jett: A comprehensive mission that should be used for no reason

Cypher: When there are lots of walls and no gaps in Haven, the ability to “see through walls” of Cypher’s enemy detection is always welcome.

Sage: Heals and creates items in a fairly narrow map, almost perfect for this map.