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Valorant FaZe won a one sided 2-0 series against XSET

Valorant FaZe

Valorant FaZe won a one sided 2-0 series against XSET in Champions Tour Masters One tournament’s first match. 

However, according to Jimmy “Marved” Nguyen, this was not unexpected.

Valorant FaZe aggressive playstyle was too much for XSET 

Valorant FaZe aggressive playstyle was too much for XSET to handle, and FaZe won the series. The previous game between the two teams during the VCT Challengers 2 main event was quite different. XSET beat FaZe on the same two maps they played today, but this time FaZe was better prepared.

FaZe has improved since their last match against XSET, according to Marved.

Marved said, “We became a lot more sophisticated in the way we play as a team.” “Aside from that, my team has improved significantly since then. We got the coach, now it’s just a matter of getting better. It was as if something clicked.”

Marved also stated that the team “knew they were going to win” and that they have been in good spirits for quite some time. FaZe is also ready to face any team in the rest of the tournament, and each match will be focused on its strategy and game.

FaZe next match will be against Envy

Valorant FaZe next match in Masters One will be against Envy. Many people consider Envy to be the best team in the tournament, but FaZe is unconcerned.

“I believe every team we play now will have the same mindset going into it as we do now. We’ll just go into it with our own set of rules. We understand what we’re doing. We’re not afraid of them, but we should be careful.”

The new Sentinels roster, which includes former Cloud9 player TenZ, is a wildcard Valorant FaZe may have to deal with later in Masters One. 

After Sinatraa was suspended due to sexual abuse allegations, TenZ took his place on the starting lineup. Sentinels had an open spot on their roster as a result of this, but TenZ is a fantastic replacement. The Sentinels’ roster will have to adjust quickly due to the sudden change, but Marved believes they will perform well. 

On March 14, FaZe will face Envy in the semifinals.