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Valorant FFA Deathmatch Mode, Things you need to know

Valorant FFA Deathmatch

Valorant FFA Deathmatch

Released with Episode 1 Act 2, Valorant FFA Deathmatch mode enables serious players to improve their in game skills. 

In the FPS games, the objective is of the utmost importance. Even if you’re loaded with tons of utilities, powers, and capabilities, it’s all about competing FPS games. Riot’s shooter is heavily based on agent kits, but the aim remains to be the brass ring that all players are striving to achieve in practice mode.

Basic rules

  • Deathmatch mode has a maximum of 14 players competing at the top of the scoreboard.
  • The game lasts nine minutes, and the player with the highest kills wins. Or whoever hits 40 kills in the first place will be considered a winner.
  • Players will receive an XP boost of 900 to play Deathmatch, bumped from the previous 500XP.
  • There is no Spike in Deathmatch mode.

How to play Valorant FFA Deathmatch mode?

In Valorant FFA Deathmatch, players are randomly spawned across maps with an option to purchase weapons. A short warm-up mode is provided before the timer starts to get in the groove. After heating up, 14 players are engaged in a nine minute fight to emerge at the top of the scoreboard. 

During this period, players have the discretion to purchase any weapon they wish from the store. This allows players to master the weapon of their choice. This is the ideal environment for honing skills. 

Players won’t have to reload their weapons every single time they kill. It will auto reload. A health pack or first-aid kit glows in green at the top of every dead body for a while to recover the lost HP.  However, the first aid kit can also land you in the crosshairs of enemies, so you might want to be careful before you jump on it. 

Due to time constraints, the chances of camping and slow paced play are zero. Deathmatch is a razor sharp game in which players lock horns to collect the highest number of kills before the timer hits 9. Whoever gets 40 kills will be the winner of the game first.

The weapons in Valorant require precision, agility and smooth movement. Players can master all of this in fast paced Deathmatch mode. While most players are queuing in to sharpen their aim, some like to play Valorant FFA Deathmatch for a good time and enjoy a casual game.

 Most recently, Valorant introduced Escalation mode and Spike rush to audiences looking to kill time in casual games. For those who want to climb ranks, it is highly recommended that they spend at least half an hour in deathmatch mode to speed up grind.