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Valorant: Get Discounts for Weapon Skin at the Night Market!

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The highly anticipated patch 1.14 has arrived, with features like snowball mode. Players will get access to a special holiday-themed snowball gun. The snowball gun is projectiles, and you will have to guess where your opponents are to hit your targets. Not to mention, Agents will also get special power ups, progression rewards and more. Alongside other features, there is a new addition feature called the ‘Night Market’. Since Valorant was first released in mid-2020, the game has released tons of very unique and cool skin bundles. In December, the Winterwunderland and Blast skins were released to celebrate Christmas and year-end holidays.

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But there is one issue, not all Valorant players are interested or able to spend money for a decoration for their weapons.

That’s why Riot took the initiation and released the Night Market, with the aim of helping players get the weapon skin they wanted.

How does the Valorant Night Market Works?

Valorant Night Market

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6 randomly discounted weapons at the Night Night Market will present selected premium or deluxe skins to the Valorant store at a discounted price. The skins and discounts offered will be generated randomly, so don’t be surprised if you don’t find the skin you want on the Night Market.

However, after the slot is locked on the skin, the slot cannot be reused until the player buys the weapon skin at a discounted price first. If you don’t want the skin that is offered, the best option is to withdraw another slot and hope that you can get a discount for the skin you wanted.

This is the Valorant Night Market event where you can get big discounts for weapon skins!

Stay tuned for more information and updates!