July 31, 2021


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Valorant: How Do You Counter The Operator?



In Valorant there are many weapons that serve many different types of shooting range. However, if you talk about the gun aimed at long-shot, with high accuracy and great damage, people will immediately think of the Operator. If this gun was held in the hand by a gunner standing guard, the opponent would only cry when only 1 shot was needed to defeat the opponent immediately and always.

Use Smoke and Flash – Operator


The Operator is an extremely capable gun when fired at long range. So one of the easiest ways to deal with it is to use smoke so that opponents won’t have a vision. When faced with this situation, the opponent will have two ways, which is to wait for the smoke to finish or push forward.

Of course, once you have left your position and moved away, this gun will no longer work as much as before (unless the opponent ‘hands too big’ to be able to move slowly while knocking you down. fast). If you are using a spy that doesn’t have a smoke then you can have a teammate help throw the smoke into key locations.

Another way to counter Operators that cause them to reposition is the Phoenix flash. Flash is usually a great tool to dazzle your opponent, thereby having an advantage in attack. Not only this weapon but also the other weapons are completely countered when the Phoenix flashes. However, it should be noted that there are some opponents that ‘stubbornly’ when exposed to the flash, they do not move immediately but still keep their position and shoot indiscriminately for good luck. So you should also set the proper ‘timing’ when moving in if you don’t want to be knocked down by the opponent.

Approach from another position


Normally, you should not duel with the Operator because the extremely strong damage plus the scope makes any weapon as well as a joke with it in remote gunfights. That’s why in these cases, popping out to fight a gun is not a good thing at all. Instead, try to approach the opponent through a different angle to surprise them.

Omen is one of the best spies to do this, as he can teleport to an unexpected location without the opponent’s preparation. Once you’ve spotted your opponent from an unexpected angle, you can take down your opponent easily with no effort at all.

Force the target to move to another area

Normally, Operators can take down a target with a single shot. That is why many Valorant players prefer to use this gun when defending to block the opponent’s quick shots.

While attacking, this sniper rifle becomes very ‘prison’ because it is difficult to check different angles as quickly as the other guns. Its strength of targeting has now become its own fatal weakness. So when the opponent is defending at an angle (eg in zone A) try to pressure the opponent in another area (eg zone B). From there forcing the opponent to move to another area and lose their advantage.