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Valorant – How to play Jett character in Valorant

Valorant is a newly launched riot game with Beta so it’s important to familiarize the skills of the characters in the game. You will be explained in detail how to make the most of Jett ‘s skills along with the ability to rush people across the battlefield, throwing knives to assassinate enemies. Remote enemies to win.

How To Use Skill 1 Of Jett –Tailwind

Valorant - How to play Jett character in Valorant

Jett will directly take short breaks in the direction of her movement when using this skill. This skill should be used once you need to break into an area to look for enemies before returning safely. Not only that, but this skill also helps her to escape the danger of catching up with enemies. If you find a target, quickly destroy enemies whereas fighting 1vs1.

Guide to Using Skill 2 – Cloudburst

She threw out a haze that obscured the view. Cloudburst skills will be very useful for her when scouting strictly guarded areas or helping your team to charge up and fight the enemy without knowing it. This skill is also very suitable when you ought to escape or distract opponents.

How To Use Skill 3 – Updraft

Valorant - How to play Jett character in Valorant

This is considered her best skill, helping to protect her from danger. Accordingly, when using this skill, she will launch himself into the air and to places that other normal agents in Valorant can not reach. This will make it harder for enemies to find and track Jett.

How to use Jett ‘s ultimate: Blade Storm

This is her fastest and most dangerous skill. She uses weapons that are deadly throwing knives to deal moderate damage and take down enemies when making a headshot. If it finishes the opponent then the skill will be restored. Left-click will throw one knife and right-click will throw all the remaining knives and create explosions at short vary. This skill is very useful when you engage with multiple opponents at the same time and you do not want to be defeated by opponents.