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Valorant – How To Play Raze – Queen Of Fire

Valorant – How To Play Raze - Queen Of Fire

Valorant – How To Play Raze - Queen Of Fire

As of June 2, with a total of 11 Agents (VAL Agents) being put into VALORANT, gamers will experience countless fun games when entering the gaming world. This time, we will guide you in detail on how to use Agent Raze, the character possessing the skill set with the greatest damage source in VALORANT.

Raze’s Boom Bot skill

Valorant – How To Play Raze - Queen Of Fire

Raze drops a robot forward in a straight line, turning on inertia when it hits a wall. After detecting the target in front of you, immediately lock on the enemy and chase, explode and deal a great deal of damage upon impact. Boom Bots can also be destroyed before rushing forward.

This is an extremely suitable move even when attacking or defending. Because it is easy to destroy, this technique should mainly be used to collect location information of enemies. Also, before attacking a position, you can use this move and move right behind. Once encountering an enemy, most will attack the boom bot first, you can take advantage of opportunities and finish the enemy.

Blast Pack skill

She throws a packet of explosives that can be stuck on the ground or on the wall, reactivating the skill of waiting for about 5 seconds to explode with a moderate amount of damage to the enemy, not taking damage to itself.

This technique has many different uses. First, you can use it to deal direct damage to the position on the enemy. Next, this technique can destroy the wall of Sage quickly without spending bullets.

In particular, this ability can launch Raze into the air (similar to the Explosive Package – Ziggs). Therefore, you can optimize this skill to choose the position that the enemy is least suspicious of, and then all you can do is shoot at them.

Raze ’s Paint Shells skill

Valorant – How To Play Raze - Queen Of Fire

She unleashes a grenade, exploding another cluster of grenades, dealing massive damage and killing enemies instantly.

Her Beam Grenade can be thrown to the wall, so she can throw a grenade from a safe location. She starts the battle with one skill point, but you will be able to use it again if you finish off two enemies.

Ultimate: Showstopper skill

Raze brought out a super-large rocket launcher, firing and damaging a large area, while pushing her back a small distance behind.

This can be used to quickly wipe out incoming enemies after the Attackers have planted a bomb, or it is very useful on the Defenders side to destroy the Attackers’ wives when they have flooded the bomb site. In addition, you can use the combo skill Blast Pack – Showstopper to quickly attack enemies in an unexpected position.

Style play of Raze

Because all of Raze‘s skills are prone to attack, players should use her to lead, volunteer to bomb the area, paving the way for the path of teammates when playing the Attackers. As for Defenders, you should defend at choke-point (narrow lane), so that you can make the most of the damage source from the skill set.

In terms of tactics, use the Boom Bot to gather information of the opponent, then check the remaining corners that maybe the enemy is standing there and make a decision to attack/defend or roam. Use Paint Shells whenever possible because the skill will reset through the first round, or take down two networks.

The ultimate has a terribly wide area of damage, so be cautious, use it when you know there are many enemies gathered in one place, or when the enemy is hiding in the corner and cannot shoot, in addition, you can also combine with Blast Pack to create a perfect combo.