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Valorant: How to play the new 15th agent Astra Valorant

Astra Valorant

Astra Valorant

How do you play Astra Valorant, the new 15th agent? Astra is not your standard smoke and molotov controller. It may involve a galaxy brain and a shed load of patience to be viable in competitive games.

Since its release in 2020, Valorant has widened its roster to 15 agents with unique abilities. All agents share some coherence based on the category in which they spawned. ValorantAgent 15, however, has a miscellaneous kit that can be difficult to tackle.

A breakdown of Valorant Astra abilities

At first glance, Astra abilities could be a bit confusing. Ths Valorant agent doesn’t have multiple ultimates, but the X key serves two main functions.

Astral Form (X): By tapping X, the players will glide into Astral form, which will give a vantage point over the whole map.  No other agent has yet been able to slither around the map like Valorant’s 15th agent.

To make the most of Astra Valorant ability, you may want to interact with your teammates and have impeccable hand-eye coordination. Her stars don’t have the inner power, but it’s the players who decide what the little icons will turn into. This requires a sharp focus on the map and a proper understanding of the ability keys.

The Ghanian agent adds a brand new Gravity type ability into the game. The tornado pulls enemies into the center, which could give the teammates the advantage of the aim. For instance, if you’ve planted a star in Haven’s middle window, you can activate it by pressing C to spot enemies, forcing them to fight while they’re vulnerable.

Astra Q ability can stun the agents

Valorant Astra kit has everything but a flash. Astra Q ability (Nova pulse) is making up for it. There are many ways her stunning ability could demolish enemies, but if you want to squeeze full juice out of it, you might want to think.

For example, in maps like split or Icebox, Her concuss can be fatal when paired with Viper’s molotov or Killjoy’s nano swarm. Upon activation, the stunned enemy is likely to expire right there. The same can work well for her ability – C Gravity too.

Valorant Astra is armed with galaxy smokes that can be planted during the purchase phase. She gets two smokes, more than Viper, less than brimstone, and at the same time as Omen gets to place them wherever she wants. Players can activate two nebulas at once by tapping (E) with a cooldown of 15 seconds.

Astra Valorant Ultimate Divides the map

Last but not least, is Valorant Astra ultimate, the X key. Which is Cosmic Divide. By tapping X, She places stars with left-click. Right-click allows her to activate the ultimate. 

Press the right mouse button to active the ultimate, and use the left-click to select the ideal angle for the wall. The Cosmic Divide will cause the worlds to crack, swallow enemy bullets and reduce audio.

Astra Cosmic Divide is a mixture of Killjoy’s lockdown and Viper’s pit. The agent shuts down the area and blocks all noise from the outside world. While it can’t do damage like Viper’s ultimate, the opaque wall grants the teammates of Astra an advantage. It is important to note here that the wall is not impenetrable to the ability of the agent.