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Valorant: Killjoy Is Officially Launched With The Control Skills Set



With the skills of releasing robots to control both melee and wide area, the 12th Agent named Killjoy will officially appear in an upcoming update when Actor of Valorant officially starts. As a girl who is passionate about robot technology and always takes things into account, she enters the world of Valorant and her robots. With both defensive controls like Cypher and the ability to attack remotely with robots like Raze, she will definitely be an agent for the scary team with a diverse set of skills in both usage and hacking of the opponent.

Details of Killjoy’s skillset



Throw an Alarmbot to the ground and stealth itself. When the enemy is close enough, the bot will signal and explode immediately. Not only does the alarmbot deal damage to nearby enemies, but it also causes the affected target to receive double damage from all sources. Players can press and hold the equipped button if they want to capture the Alarmbot.

This is quite a skill like Cypher’s Trapwire when Alarmbot is also invisible and can be destroyed if gamers quickly shoot them.

Turret – Killjoy


Killjoy sets up a gun turret and attacks at its 180-degree angle, the player can hold down the button to use it to retrieve the gun.

This ability is somewhat similar to Raze’s Boom Bot – the only difference is that this gun turret stands still, can be destroyed, quite visible and attacks fairly slowly, so can be used in jammed corners to distract the enemy.


Nanoswarm works similar to a bomb. However, most especially, it will be quite silent when touching the ground, and if the player activates, it will deal large area damage.

This ability is almost the same as the explosive bombs that cause damage over time of other Agents, nothing to say.

Lockdown – Killjoy

This ability has a long charge time (nearly 5 seconds) but when detonated, it will control a large area very strongly when it can hold (or very slowly) all enemies in the area within 8 seconds. The important thing is that you need to protect this ultimate as if you were waiting for a bomb to explode in order to be effective.

As expected, Killjoy will soon be available on the PBE server for gamers to test before the official launch in Act 2 of Valorant which is expected to update around August.