July 31, 2021


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Valorant: Killjoy nanoswarm lineup helps clear Ascent B


In Valorant Episode 2, Riot‘s inclusion of Yoru may have facilitated the five duelist lobby nightmare. But the Sentinel, as deadly as Killjoy, still proves that choosing her is the key to winning.


A tough fight is made easier when the enemy team has Killjoy on a map full of tight corners. Her toolkit is unforgiving on the defender’s party due to her ability to prevent quick pushes, and is just as dangerous on the attacker’s side.

Sentinels are needed in Valorant to support teammates from the sidelines. Their abilities are seldom ever needed for aggressive plays. Her powers, however, have the potential to speed up attacking pushes. 

Entering the bomb point B of Ascent is already a nuisance because of the tight main B and multiple openings from the side of the defender that only benefit the opponent. Defenders’ spawn, the middle market, and stairs, for instance.

But the enemies on B can be cut down by Killjoy, making it much easier for teammates to gain site control.

From outside the B lobby, this nanoswarm line up for point B stairs starts. Align yourself outside B Lobby in the corner of the house and aim at the top of the entrance building. Place your crosshair on the little antenna’s bottom, but just don’t jump and throw at the same time.

Throwing is the tough part here. If you have any, remove jump binds. First of all, press the jump key and then left click to throw the package. The nanoswarm will land at the center of the stairs

The whole setup of the nanoswarm is exceptional, as the effect drops on stairs just when your teammates reach the entrance to B. Wait for it to drop, then instantly activate it. The nanoswarm will cut down enemies standing atop it, clearing for the attackers at least one spot.

How long does Killjoy ‘s nanoswarm last?

Nanoswarm can take down multiple enemies within a matter of seconds, visually pleasing but highly deadly. The agent can buy a 200 creds miniature Molotov and lock a small area of the map with it.

Because of its elevated damage, Killjoy nanoswarm is considered deadly. The effect lasts for just 4.5 seconds but is capable of consuming enemies entirely. For its entire course, a player standing in the nanoswarm will come out dead, as it locks down the area with continuous AOE damage capable of cutting 203 hp. 

The two deadly Molotov slots make Killjoy a threat to her enemies, as she can lock down a site at the cost of just 400 creds independently.