July 28, 2021


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Valorant NA dates announced, Nerd Street Gamers as operator

Nerd Street Gamers

For the 2021 Valorant Champions Tour, which has just been given a January 27 start date, Nerd Street Gamers has been announced as the official North American tournament operator and producer.

Nerd Street Gamers

The Challengers Tournament, the first stage of the Valorant Champions Tour, will see three NA talent weekends competing to culminate in an intra-regional Masters Stage. For the Challengers Stage, all the games will be completely remote, although the Riot team has said they would like to see the return of in-person events for 2021. 

While they have lamented that in-person activities may not be feasible in 2021, they have pledged an effort to return to them as soon as possible.

The schedule for the Challengers Weekends 

The Challengers Weekend 1

-Open Qualifiers: 27 – 31 January

-Closed Qualifiers: 4 – 7 February

The Challengers Weekend 2

-Open Qualifiers: 10 – 14 February

-Closed Qualifiers: 18 – 21 February

The Challengers Weekend 3

-Open Qualifiers:  24 – 28 February 

-Closed Qualifiers:  4 – 7 March

The Masters Stage

 13 – 14 March

 19 – 21 March

Over the course of six weeks, there will be three tournaments. Each weekend, the top four teams will bypass the open qualifier for the next event. To the Masters Stage, the top three teams who finish in the Challenger Final will move on.

Throughout the year, there will be three Masters Tournaments featuring teams who are the best in their region. Then the world’s top 16 teams will compete for the Valorant Champions Tour, which will take place over two weeks, and will be crowned the world champion.

Who will compete in Valorant NA Challengers?

For any NA team to participate, the qualifier stage is open and can be found on the website of Nerd Street Gamers. The registration of the entire team is the responsibility of a team captain. 

In Episode 1, ACT 3 or Episode 2: ACT 1, all players on the team must be Imortal 1 or more and be able to prove it. The tournament will cap 128 teams and on February 4-7, the top eight teams will be invited to the closed qualifiers.

The tournament can be viewed on the Twitch channel of Valorant NA, or the Twitch channel of Nerd Street Gamers.