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Valorant: New Agent Leaked on Icebox Map ?!


One month has passed after Valorant released their last agent, Skye, and now fans of this FPS game have started theories about who the newest agent will be in the upcoming update.  Valorant’s 1.14 patch update not only brings some big changes like buffs and some tweaks, but also gives players an early chance to investigate the teasers of this new agent who is coming. 


From the leak of information by a data miner, it seems that the speculation about the new agent is true because after the 1.14 update was released, Valorant has provided clues about their 14th agent.

Valorant New Agent?


One of the Valorant players has discovered a kind of puddle effect near the spawn location in Icebox while he is preparing to play in the custom game mode. Before the Round Starts, This player jumps over the Defenders starting zone, when suddenly a strange sight appears before him; something was walking from the direction of “A” Screen to “B” Hut, when the step suddenly disappeared.

Surprisingly, the player can only see the footsteps but the rest is not visible. The footsteps looked like ripples of dark blue water along with the sound of splashing water.

According to the data miner, in the Valorant game file, he found evidence of a new character, Johns Latte (Jlatte) and the file immediately refers to the things seen in the video above.

Take a look at the video below.



According to the file, the footsteps were probably the helper’s “deception” ability, to trick the enemy into thinking the Agent was heading in a certain direction with a walking sound effect. Apart from the decoy effect, this newest agent may also become invisible with some sort of cloaking ability for a few seconds. 

Of course, this is still just speculation and we don’t know how the agent will look like and what skills he has. However, we hope that this newest agent will be available soon and we can use it in the upcoming matches.

This is the leak of the Valorant new agent that is on the Icebox map!