July 31, 2021


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VALORANT: New Agent Yoru Unveiled


The roster of agents for VALORANT has continued to grow in its first-person-shooter title, Riot Games officially announced Yoru, a duelist, as the next agent. 


The week prior to his official disclosure, Yoru was leaked, allowing the VALORANT community to get a peek of his deceptive, stealthy, and chaotic playstyle.

Yoru’s Concept and Abilities – VALORANT

Yoru’s abilities allow him to imitate footsteps and flank his enemies with portals, while also making use of a flash and an ultimate skill that enables him to become invisible and invincible for a brief period of time.

The team at Riot Games wanted to capture an idea known as “Stealthy Infiltration,” during the process of creating Yoru, according to John Goscicki, Riot’s product lead for characters.

“The concept of Stealthy Infiltration” is something we experimented around with for years, and never could fit in the game. We began to feel that if we started from the ground up, we could develop an Agent that centered around the idea of ‘Stealthy Infiltration’ in some way.”

Goscicki also said that with Yoru, VALORANT players may often find themselves playing the part of “solo player,” and so they “take inspiration from the archetype of the rebel bad boy, the kind of guy you love to hate.” This resulted to his power source’s unique inspiration.

We have also been thinking about what elements evoke this archetype as his concept began to form,”As his concept started to form we were also starting to think about what elements evoke this archetype,” “There is a material that can form into these beautiful yet aggressive spikes called Ferrofluid. We used it as the inspiration for how his power source could form.”

Yoru uses this power source to “rip holes directly through reality to infiltrate enemy lines unseen,” according to his bio, which can be seen clearly through his skills.

With VALORANT Episode Two, Act One, on Jan. 12, Yoru joins the fray.