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Valorant new anti cheat policies and punishments 2021

new anti cheat policies

Valorant announced new anti cheat policies for the rest of the winter, bringing new solutions and tougher penalties for offenses. 

new anti cheat policies

According to Matt ‘K3o’ Paoletti of the anti cheat team, the purpose is to keep a high level of competitive integrity in the widely known tactical shooter.

While the Valorant anti cheat team reportedly watched the events of the First Strike very closely, they were not able to show the same level of attention to the competitive ladder given the lack of a “controlled environment.” 

The first Strike was meant to feel as much like a LAN event as possible. Now developers are shifting their focus back to regular players all over the world.

Ongoing efforts to make cheating extra “difficult and expensive” have reduced some of the cheating in the game, but negative events are still consistently reported.

“The experience with a cheater is not just an inconvenience, it could mean a missed promotion or a demoralizing stop to a winning streak. Cheaters in the highest ranks are also putting a strain on the reputation that comes with reaching such heights in a highly competitive game,” K3o said.

In Episode 2, Valorant anti cheat team top priority is to make sure that the competitive grind is “valiant, fair, and legitimate.”

How will Valorant anti cheat improved in Episode 2?

Valorant anti cheat team has three primary policies for Episode 2. The first one is a 90-day penalty for “bussing.” Bussing is purposefully joining teams of cheaters to reap the benefits of their victories before the cheater is banned. It’s basically “riding the cheat bus on the highway to hell,” according to K3o.

The team also wants to punish people who offer booster services. Occasionally, top players get paid to climb the leaderboards on somebody else’s account.

 It is damaging because the accounts may be at lower levels that the top player can easily dominate, destroying the competitive integrity of the game and the experience of the two participating teams.

K3o also mentioned that the sharing of Valorant accounts and the purchase of accounts would be targeted by the new penalty system.

“Rank should be a measure of your skill, not your ability to pay for a service,” wrote K3o.

The ranked system will also be revamped. The speed at which players can reach Radiant will be significantly reduced. It would prevent cheaters from “blowing their birthday money” on a cheat and then easily reach the top of the leaderboards before they’re banned.

Riot also wants to support players who have been affected by cheating. They’re looking at ways to readjust the ranks of players that have been negatively affected by cheaters and hackers.

Cheating remains a problem in Valorant

Lately, aspiring Valorant pro ReFleck was caught cheating while competing against Dignitas’ all female roster while trying out for a professional team. The fact that cheaters feel so confident enough just to cheat on a live stream while being watched by other pros was extremely concerning.

Vanguard frequently catches thousands of cheaters, but it doesn’t seem would be enough to put an end to the onslaught of aimbots and wall hackers. Riot has also sued businesses that supply cheating programs to Valorant players, but it seems that hackers are still finding a way out.

Valorant anti cheat team is now hoping that the new anti cheat policies for Episode 2 will continue to defeat cheaters who are trying to ruin the competitive integrity of the game.