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Valorant: New Battle Royale Mode?! Rumors or Facts?


Recently, many rumors are targeting one of the FPS games that are popular right now, namely Valorant. This time, the rumors are about the new Battle Royale mode that will be present in the game from Riot Games.

This rumor surfaced for the first time when an account called PlayerIGN, which was famous for posting rumors or leaks about PUBG and VALORANT games. They explained in their tweet that this mode was being tested by a small group of players.


In addition, They also explained that they were tested exclusively with several players from China. To support their tweet, Valorant Leaks, the data miner who previously leaked details about Agent Skye prior to its release, also talked about this.

In September, they were told about their findings, which was named Alt6. Alt6 itself contains orbs like the one in Spike Rush, but specifically there are different orbs such as Phantom Orb, Orb Operator, Orb ultimate Agent, etc. Currently the Alt6 project is being predicted to be the battle royale mode that PlayerIGN mentioned earlier.

Valorant Battle Royale Mode


With these mutually supportive tweets, it’s likely that battle royale is a new mode coming to Valorant. They have also explained that this mode has entered the testing stage. With the available data, here are some of the possible contents of the Valorant battle royale mode:

  • Players will play Agents but without abilities (such as FFA Deathmatch mode)
  • Weapons will be obtained when the player gets an orb (Phantom orb, Operator orb, etc
  • There is a Health Orb to restore HP, but not completely
  • Mode is done in a new large map or an existing map

Will the rumors turn out to be true or will they just disappear? Let us just wait for the official news from Riot Games!

Stay tuned for more news and updates!