August 3, 2021


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Valorant patch 2.01 brings nerf and changes to Split

patch 2.01

As developers have taken the game’s mascot down a peg, Valorant has pushed out another update. Patch 2.01 has a short list of changes, but the tactical shooter has introduced some major changes.

patch 2.01

A while ago, Jett’s smokes were buffed, but Riot Games is rolling back those gains in a way that should reduce the versatility of Jett. The other big change is Split, which has been updated to give attackers a fair chance.

Patch 2.01 nerfs Jett smokes

Jett saw just one change, but it was a big one. Her ability, Cloudburst, had decreased considerably from seven seconds to 4.5.

According to Jeff Landa, Valorant comms associate, this adjustment was a continuation of the changes made in Patch 2.0 to the controller. Her smoke duration was boosted from four to seven back in Patch 1.0, but now it’s partially undone. 

That’s because Jett had become a controller replacement for some teams, using her Cloudburst to aggressively create space without the need for a controller at all.

“This is part of a pattern of duelists superseding more utility focused agents that we will continue to look at in the future,” Landa stated.

In response, Her smokes need to be shorter in duration. Her smoke will still enable her to make a temporary window for her team, but a controller will now be needed to perform high-level action games with team-focused vision blocking.

Makes major changes to Split

Developers have focused their Split changes on improving attacker alternatives. They also reduced 50/50 checks, corner depth, and, by increasing chokepoint widths, opened up specific areas.

B Main doorway width was increased, making it easier for attackers to navigate without being stalled by the defenders. There is also a crate attacker that can be used to cover the other side of the doorways, allowing them to throw the utility from a different angle. B Main also received a new trash pile in the corner, which helps prevent the defenders from hiding too deep in the area.

The boundary of Split’s Spike plant zone has also been increased. This gives a new Spike plant location for attackers to defend from inside B Main. A new material stack players could use for cover, enabling agents to isolate angles more effectively, was also given to B Site. 

It also breaks up a vertical 50/50 angle players once had when peeking from B Main into the site. This corner’s reduced depth helps to ensure that attackers can push a bit more securely into a defender spawn.

The entrance to the Vent Room has increased. A sloped wall was also added to this area, when entering Vent Room from Mid, removing another 50/50 check players had. When agents come from Mid, they are also protected from wall penetration by the new sloped wall.

After developers simplified the Ramen/Scuttle Crab zone, Split should feel more open. Without needing to depend on utility as heavily, teams can push through and clear the area.