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Valorant: Phoenix Playing Guide – Phoenix Of Fire



In Valorant, each Agent has their own skills and play styles to optimize those skills. In this article, Download.vn will guide you on how to play Phoenix – an agent with the ability to control the power of fire and rebirth.

Phoenix ’s Blaze skill


Blaze creates a firewall to cut off the sight of enemies. This wall will deal damage to any enemy trying to overcome it and can restore Phoenix‘s health. Blaze can be used to tail off an enemy, as well as recover itself when you lose health.

  • Firewalls can be bent as you like by sliding the mouse around the corner.
  • Blaze exists 6s after disappearing, please take advantage of this.
  • Although it can heal you, do not risk going through them you will be easily destroyed by enemies.
  • When the enemy passes through the firewall and is burned, it will not make a sound.

Phoenix ’s Curveball skill

Curveball has 2 charges, creating a bright area that dazzles all enemies looking at it. This skill is similar to Flashbang in other FPS games. And the use of Curveball is similar, dazzling the enemy and rushing to finish them off. You can throw Curveball gliding left or right with 2 mouse buttons respectively.

  • Curveball’s burst time is almost instant, so turn your face if you throw it right in front to avoid glare.
  • Note the position of the team to throw Curveball to avoid squeezing the team
  • After using Curveball, you will switch to the main weapon very quickly; Take advantage of this.
  • Teammates do not hear the snap of Curveball, but enemies can. Pay attention to this if you want to “assassinate” the enemy.

Hot Hands skill


Creates a carpet of fire that scorches the ground and enemies standing in it. This skill is quite similar to petrol bombs in CS-GO. However, Hot Hands can heal Phoenix. So throw Hot Hands into a position where enemies can hide and rush to finish them off with the terrifying dual effect of this skill.

  • The fire carpet lasts about 4s and will heal you for a significant amount of health (about 45 health) enough to give you an advantage over enemies.
  • Do not throw Hot Hands too far as it will burn before reaching the finish line.
  • Hot Hands can throw walls to enter hidden corners.
  • This skill makes no sound when burning enemies.

Run It Back skill

Run it back is a Phoenix name making skill – rebirth. This skill will mark the current position, then countdown 10s. After use, if he dies or runs out of time he will regenerate at the marked location. With Run it back, you can confidently rush into the enemy team and break the defense then revive with full health par.

  • Use Run it back carefully because this skill only exists for 10 seconds, not enough for you to run too far from the marker.
  • Can use this skill to run in to place a bomb, not destroy the bomb because its survival time is too short.
  • When reviving, you will always revive with 100 health and 0 armor, whether or not you previously bought armor.
  • This ability can be used while on the move and can be used on all other skills.