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Valorant: Raze can open teleporters with her Boom Bot


The teleporters on the Valorant map Bind are designed to speed up the rotations in a secure manner. However, a new glitch, where Raze can break into the Teleporter from outside, may stop enemies from using it completely.


Valorant Raze Boom Bot bug

Riot Games has introduced a unique feature to Valorant maps that separate these locations from each other. In Bind, the teleporters connect two bomb points to allow the agents to rotate faster. 

For the defenders, this is the safest way to relocate, as it allows them to flank with the enemy protecting the Spike, making Teleporters a potential risk zone for rotating agents.

A new bug has been noted where Raze Boom Bot slides open the Teleporter instead of ricocheting. Here’s how you can replicate this in game.

Raze Teleporter Boom Bot trick on bind

To open the Hookah Teleporter, attach yourself to the left sliding door and aim at the small spot on its edge. Move your crosshairs a little to the right and release Raze Boom Bot. The Teleporter will open immediately, allowing you to stay inside the door.

For A site Teleporter, stand in the middle where both doors are connected to a zig zag pattern. Go up or put the crosshair at the bottom of the second design, as shown in the picture.


After you get this right, use the Boom Bot to break open the A Laboratory.

Teleporters are solely one way, which is why the enemy is not expecting an agent inside the door. Using this setup, Raze could easily be cut off the post plant flanks and rotations, allowing her teammates to protect the Spike from the remaining directions. 

This setup provides an incredible advantage for the bonus to kill the enemies inside the Teleporter as they will be the most vulnerable to Raze ambush.

As effective as this setup might be, frequent use should be prevented. Enemies can easily observe the pattern and find a proper counter for the Teleporter exploit. Another downside of the line up is Teleporter’s sound cues. This problem could be resolved by using a crossfire setup where a teammate is around for a backup.

Even though Teleporters are not expected to function both ways, this is probably a Valorant  major bug. Riot Games had initially fixed a similar glitch where Cypher could open the Teleporter with his camera, further proving that Raze’s case was no different. 

Most recently, Killjoy could also take advantage of the doors with her kit. It would seem that the necessity to fix an agent is no longer a viable solution, and the developer might just want to revise the map itself.