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Valorant: Raze ultimate continues to be buggy after patch 2.02


Raze might well take the crown for most buggy agents from Omen’s after Valorant 2.02.


Valorant players are still trying to understand a clip shared with Reddit that seems to depict a Raze that activates her ultimate skill, Showstopper, and blows it in the direction of agents on the enemy team. But for some reason, the rocket never lands, nor does it damage anyone.

It’s not clear why this happened, but one user quickly pointed to Cypher’s Spycam on the wall. It seemed to the player that the camera had “eaten” the ultimate, stopping it in its tracks. 

Cypher’s camera is a signature agent ability that allows the spy to see the camera’s video feed and then left-click to fire a tracking dart. It’s not supposed to have any effect on someone’s ultimate.

Raze ultimate bugs generates confusion

No matter what the cause, Valorant players have been behind the general fact that Raze has been a buggy for a while now. Some players have noted that her Boom Bot is going off at random times. Others recalled that they would stop making noise as they approached enemies.

One player even said that Raze Boom Bot had exploded on the corpses. Other players have spotted inconsistencies with the damage and effectiveness of her ultimate, Showstopper. All these potential Raze bugs were issues for the agent.

Some Valorant players have guessed that the Cypher player has sent out a dart at the same time that she has launched the ultimate skill, canceling each other out. If that were the case, some players felt that the dart was supposed to have an HP because Raze ultimate is much more powerful. One fan recalled the time when both Sova’s arrow and Cypher’s dart “disappeared” when they collided.

But not everyone is so sure that this is what occurred since her ultimate timer went off even after the rocket had disappeared.

Raze’s ultimate delay between pressing and releasing

One Valorant player observed that the client may have registered the ultimate being fired twice while the server did not register it at all, which means that there was a delay between pressing the buttons and releasing the rocket.

Essentially, the game believed that the player hadn’t fired the rocket when he actually did, making the Raze player press “fire” again. But then the game caught up with the player, he thought he had already shot the rocket and tried to shoot again. This canceled the shot of the altog.

Patch 2.02 dropped just days ago, which means there might be a number of bugs and bugs that developers and players haven’t noticed yet. As these issues come to Riot’s attention, the more concerning hotfix bugs the Valorant team will most likely address. To date, the developers have been very open with their communication.