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Valorant: Riot Games Leaks Content For 2021!


Weapon skins are one of the game features that have caught the attention of many Valorant players in 2020. Because indeed Riot Games and its creative team have released lots of unique skins that are very pleasing to the eyes.

And if you like those Valorant skin collections, you must be looking forward to next year, because Riot has launched a few short teasers for some of the upcoming content in 2021!


And for those of you who don’t know about Valorant, It is a team-based FPS game set in the future. Players play as one of the agents, the characters designed is based on several countries and cultures around the world. For the gameplay, each player is assigned to either the attacking or defending side with each team having 5 players on it.

Through a tweet on the official Valorant Twitter account, they expressed their gratitude for the support that has been given, and gave a little leak about what collections will be present in 2021. 

Valorant: Riot Games Leaks Content For 2021

They quote: 

“We end this year with messages from our developers for you, our community. First of all, the Premium Content team thanks you for expressing yourself with all the cosmetics they bring to VALORANT “

In the teaser, Riot states that next year they will add a new special gun buddy, an Odin skin that looks like a toy gun, a yellow and green skin judge, a graffiti-themed operator skin, and a pink Phantom.


In 2020 alone, the Valorant creative team has released 26 unique skin types, 130 weapon skins, 3 battle passes and 13 Agent contracts.

Therefore, it is possible that we will see more weapon skin choices that players can get in 2021! 

Here are the Valorant content leaks for 2021 that Riot has provided!