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Valorant: The abilities of new agent Valorant Astra Guide

Valorant Astra

Valorant Astra

Valorant Astra is nearly here. She is the latest agent and she’s a much-needed entry to the controller roster.

The newest addition, Astra, has celestial powers that allow her to play with enemies. The new controller will join other agents in the class, including Viper, Brimstone, and Omen. Besides standard-issue smokes, She adds a number of unique kits to the battlefield.

Who is Astra?

Valorant Astra, coming from Ghana, gathers her power from the cosmos. Astra uses her stars to manipulate Valorant maps, to weaken enemies, and to give her teammates an edge over enemies. 

The developer reported that African futurism was the main inspiration behind the celestial controller, whose in-game strength lies in predicting enemy action and adaptability.

“We really want her skill expression to be about collecting information and turning it into a plan, where the execution phase is less about targeting a grenade throw and more about seeing if your reading of the enemy came together as you hoped,” said Jordan “Riot Wrekz” Anton.

Valorant Astra kit

Valorant Astra kit is primarily built around the support of aggressive Duelists. As an Astra main, you can place the stars on the map that can be activated later in a variety of ways, transforming them using the skills of Nova Pulse, Nebula, and Gravity Well.

The C ability of the agent is called Gravity Well. Upon activation, the stars gather that players in the area are drawn to the center before it explodes, allowing all the players trapped inside vulnerable.

Her Q ability is Nova Pulse, which allows her to concuss enemies. Concussion affects agents a lot like Breach’s Fault Line. This skill is valuable for breaking open sites and securing areas.

Valorant Astra also has classical smokes such as her ability to E, Nebula, which allows her to perform the most basic task of the controller. Purple smoke can be triggered by using a star, obstructing the enemy’s sight line. Like Viper’s Poison Cloud, Her smoke is also reusable and can be redeployed after a delay.

Her ultimate, Cosmic Divide, making it highly destructive in tournament play. When her Cosmic Divide is charged, it can block bullets and lessen the audio, allowing you to stay secure in post plant situations.

She appears to be a viable threat to competitive games. Thanks to its versatile kit, the controller agent can play crucial support for aggressive Duelists. Her reusable stars have loads and loads of potential, and she may be able to unseat Omen as the final best controller in the game.