August 4, 2021


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VALORANT: The discovery of one way Sage wall on Bind

Sage wall

In VALORANT, Sage walls are an essential tool. The ability is extremely versatile, from stalling enemy pushes, cutting off flanks, or boosting players to a more favorable position. The wall is a great creative resource to use, but having a few stock placements can help players more effectively take up or defend bomb sites. . 

Sage wall

One way Sage wall on Bind

One VALORANT player has found a way to use the Bind wall that can help hold the A site.

The player uploaded a short clip of the wall on A site today, which partially covered the shower entrance. The wall prevents the players in the showers from seeing A haven, but the defense players can still see the enemy. 

This makes it easier to eliminate or damage enemies before they push the site and makes it more risky for them to continue their advancement. 

You can check out the video here: Just found a wall in Bind’s showers that serves as both a one way for heaven and a boost : VALORANT

Sage is also able to stand on the top of the wall as it is placed and boost itself in the air. It produces an outstanding position that can be used to help cover A short. 

But people can walk beneath the wall, so for this strategy to work, players must communicate.

The wall can also be shot by enemy players, but this will reveal their position and provide significant insight into their movements. It can still help a team prepare for the remainder of the round, even if the wall does not result in a free kill.

Right now, though, Sage is one of the least viable agents in VALORANT, and many players prefer to select other characters. A useful spot for her wall could help her fit more often into team compositions, and for players holding A site on Bind, this is an excellent choice. 

This tactic should be experimented with by Sage Mains.