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Valorant to have a coach slot in the future

Valorant to

Valorant developers responded to the call for a coach slot, confirming that party sizes would allow the sixth man to analyze the game.

Valorant to

Riot games tactical shooter strictly follows the format of five versus five. The 10 man lobby does not allow more players to inspect the match as in other FPS games, such as Counter Strike:Global Offensive. Players are on their own as soon as they enter a 5v5 cut throat server.

Things that need to be fixed or added

Most recently, Valorant developer tehleach has stated that a party size larger than five calls for extensive client work. Currently, the game only allows a ten man party, curbing new modes and additional members to join the mid game. 

This limitation has had a significant impact on the way in which professional games work as coaches, analysts and other relevant pro team members are prevented from inspecting the game.

NRG coach Chet “Chet” Singh came forward and mentioned some shortcomings in Valorant, one of which was a coaching slot.

His tweet soon followed NRG’s pro player Sam “s0m” Oh, who said that excessive skin additions are no longer needed, devs should concentrate on making an Valorant coaching slot. Unsurprisingly, Valorant Devs replied to the coach of the pro team, assuring him that the sixth slot was in the pipeline.

Esports strategist Riley Yurk expressed his excitement that coaches would become a larger part of pro games.

Despite being a new game, in the last few months Valorant has quickly matured into a good sport. Through tournaments such as the Valorant Champions Tour and the First Strike, the game has attracted giant organizations to dip into Valorant Esports.

The teams have already polished super rosters headed by coaches. However, with live streaming and other indirect methods to analyze games, these coaches improvise. Chet also touched on the replay system, which is another key element for pro teams to rework their tacts. 

Strategizing can be a problem without a replay system and a coach to inspect the game firsthand. The official slot in the game will not only benefit teams from a technical point of view, but will also benefit Valorant Esports.

When will Valorant coach slot go live?

There is no exact date for the Valorant coach slot to go live, but it seems to happen as soon as the developers are already playing around with party sizes and new game modes, as revealed in the recent AMA session.