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Valorant Viper new setup lets her clean out Split solo

Valorant Viper new setup

Valorant Viper new setup

Valorant Viper new setup on Split’s A site shows how powerful she can be in a solo queue setting. She’s also one of the few Valorant controllers capable of opening a bomb site by herself.

Valorant Viper packs a lot of poison gas 

Valorant Viper packs a lot of poison gas that can choke the entire team when used properly. Its chemical launchers, smokes, and poison screens are enough to keep enemies in check or to push them out of their own territory. Pick up Viper on a map like Split, which is designed to favor the defenders, can help make it easier to work on the offense.

Split may be a small map, but the zip lines and hiding spots give additional depth. The complicated layout jams the attackers, swinging the game in favor of the defensive. As attackers, even on the side, you need some genius tricks to break.

New setup can ensure an entry into Bomb Point A

Valorant Viper new setup can ensure an entry into Bomb Point A, giving you a fair chance to pick up duels from the post plant site. It requires the smoke of Viper, the poison wall, and two Molotovs. Equip your screen for the first lineup and aim at the tile on the shoe store, Fire off the E and move to the lobby.

Stand at the edge of the block and align your crosshairs with the tile on the floor. Go to the building and use your HUD ability as a guide.

Press the jump key and drop the Q key. After these two steps, you’re supposed to give your teammates a heads-up to get ready for a hard push. While they’re preparing their flashes and weapons, line up your final utility to burn out enemies lurking in tight corners.

Step down from the top block and align your E ability hud with the fourth row on the building. Throw away your Molotov and immediately load a second. Align the X ability key with the lattice pattern corner and start the device. Both of these Molotovs will consume the defenders holding the right side of the corner.

As soon as your teammates start to push, press the Q and E ability key to block enemies from the A tower and the screens.

The poison screen will obstruct the defenders’ view from A short and provide attackers with a safe detour. It’s a simple Valorant Viper new setup that enemies can only counter by pushing forward into the attacking team. Forcing the defenders into duels and making them give up an advantageous position is of value to themselves. 

In high level ELO games, the defenders are likely to respect the utility and play for the retake. Unfortunately for them, Viper’s poison is likely to come off cooldown again one more time before the end of the round to make their lives more difficult.