April 19, 2021


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Valorant Weapon Guide – Guardian



Valorant has agents with abilities, but weapons are still one of the most important aspects. Check out our guide to Valorant weapons today as we explore the Guardian.

Currently, there are 17 weapons in Valorant but we can expect Riot to add more in the future. The diversity is there: from snipers to shotguns, to assault rifles. What strategy should one pursue with what weapons and what type of spray, damage, and rate of fire?

The Guardian – Headshot, Win, GG


Despite being called “Guardian“, this weapon offers a lot more than just protection. The expensive rifle is a real damage master for the big brains – or more importantly, it’s best used to aim at enemies’ heads. Accuracy gives you the edge. If you have a good goal and it doesn’t take long to set your shots, sometimes you can destroy the entire team on your own.

Damage, Fire Rate, Spray Pattern

Massive – this word probably best describes its lethality. One-shot in the head, shot in the head, GG, ez! The two shoots were equally successful. It can be seen that the rifle is actually a hidden sniper, at least in terms of lethality.

Its value is: From 0 to 50 meters, Guardian deals 195 damage when shot in the head, 65 damage to people, and 49 damage to feet. That is something to be proud of!

Even better: a very solid rate of fire with 6.5 shots/sec. The only limitation is the magazine, “only” can hold 12 bullets. Don’t worry, it’s enough to take down an entire team – just hit! And thanks to the firing pattern, this works pretty well, at least for the first few shots – because that’s where the gun is still very accurate. It then moves up and down while shooting. The best option when shooting would be one touch, at least over the long-range.

Guardian Strategy


The Guardian is not a run and shoots weapon. The player should use it to take positions behind walls and objects and takedown oncoming enemies with a good aiming shot. However, the rifle is not only intended for defenders defending a specific location but can also be used by an attacker.

Here, however, the same applies: hide and go around corners cautiously. Not that you will be sniped. Our best advice is to get to the training range and really have a good feel for the weapon. Generally speaking, you will have an advantage in long-distance skirmishes as it does not have reduced damage. This means you’ll only be beaten by snipers – not bad at all.

When to Buy

Since the rifle is the fifth most expensive weapon in the game, you have to commit to buying it – 2700 credits is not something you can throw away.

Since you can only pay such costs after a few rounds, you also have to consider how well equipped your opponent is and there should be some changes to the shield and ability. The Guardian is a mid and late-game weapon.

The Best Agents for the Guardian

The weapon works well with telemarketers like Sova, Brimstone, Raze, and Breach, but Cypher can do a lot with it too, depending on the style of play. It is actually one of the weapons your target is most important to, so if you like sniping your target with precision, don’t be afraid to use it for any agent.