April 19, 2021


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Valorant Weapon Guide – The Judge



There are plenty of weapons in VALORANT, the tactical first-person shooter produced by Riot Games. To become the master of the game, it is important that you learn to master the weapons in it. That is why we have implemented a series of weapons tutorials for VALORANT weapons discussing weapon costs, weapon damage, and weapon recoil control. In this tutorial, we will talk about the Judge shotgun.

The Judge – sentence your opponents


The Judge can be quite harsh on your opponent if you know how to use it. Unlike the other shotgun in the game, Bucky, this gun reloads quickly and fully automatically, firing significantly more shots. Takedown the entire enemy team? Yes, you can do that with the gun.

Damage, fire rate, spray pattern

The pistol dominates the game with a magazine of seven bullets, each with 12 rounds. With a rate of fire of 3.5 per second, the pistol shoots pretty well in one piece and therefore also deals a lot of damage, especially in melee combat. Up to ten meters, one shot in the head deals 34 damage, one shot at the body 17 and in the foot 14.

From 10 to 15 meters, the values ​​are reduced to 26/13/11 and from 15 to 50 to 20 / 10 / 9. It should be noted that the Judge loses accuracy when shooting continuously – at medium to long distances, do not hold the mouse button because the opponent will be difficult to damage.

Also, after a few shots, there’s already a pattern in the top right or left. However, this is quite slow and can be compensated for by moving the mouse in the opposite direction. However: Continuous shooting should only be used on real enemies near you.

Judge strategy

It is a great weapon for defenders that can take down an opposing team in the right situations. Since the Judge is designed for close combat, it will rarely fall into the hands of an attacker. Sometimes you’ll get killed with just one shot but for the most part, you’ll need more than one tap.

Using the strategy of running and using guns is possible with this weapon and this may surprise some opponents. Usually, not many weapons are still accurate when moving. It also allows you to keep enemies at a distance or kill attackers from an obscure angle as they run around a corner. If you enjoy camping, there is no better solution than this gun.

When should you buy it?


With 1,500 credits, the gun is cheaper than any rifle and is also perfect for a beginner weapon – simply because it has multiple shots and can reload quickly. It doesn’t make you defenseless for a long time, it’s great at the end. For a 1500 credit, it’s worth the investment.

If you like it, you can even buy it for a one-shot kill and then instantly swap it for your opponent’s weapon. This gun is a good choice in most cases if you act as a defender. While you are on the attacking side there are definitely better options.

The Best Agents for the Judge

As a defensive weapon, it should also be used with defensive agents. The best ones for the jury are probably Sage, Cypher, and Sova. They can maintain their stance alone, especially with a loyal companion like the gun.

On the offensive side, Judge is best suited for an agent who can close the gap like Jett. The only problem is, Jett is generally bad, so choose wisely. Normally, you would be better off choosing a shotgun on the defensive side and camping to destroy.