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Valorant: What’s New in the 1.14 Patch?

Valorant the

Riot Games has just released patch 1.14 for its flagship FPS game, Valorant. What can you find in the latest patch from Valorant? 

If you still remember, the last few patch updates from Valorant have quite a lot of bugs. It seems that Riot Games has learned from their mistakes.

In the Valorant patch 1.14 update, Riot Games did not make any major changes, but only touched on the important updates. So, What’s new in this latest Valorant update?

Check out the following details below!

Valorant the

Agent Sage Buffed!

The biggest and most influential update might be to Agent Sage. In the previous patches, Sage was nerfed and resulted in this Agent being abandoned by its players, but in patch 1.14 Agent Sage finally got buffed again.

Barrier Orb – Valorant

Previously, the Barrier Orb weakened with time. Now that it was fortified, the Barrier Orb no longer weakened over time. The Barrier Orb will only start to weaken a few seconds before expiring. The Barrier Orb now cannot be installed during the Buy Phase. Barrier Orb can only be used after the match starts.

Map and Mode Update

Valorant the

Several places on the Icebox map, particularly sites A and B, have been updated. Apart from that, some of the places that could be used for hiding also got some changes.

Snowball Fight Deathmatch is a special mode to celebrate winter. This is a special mode which is sure to be very interesting.

Competitive Mode

Matchmaking by rank has been updated to make it easier for players to climb out of the lower ranks. Performance issues and other glitches have been fixed along with the optimization of the game.

Shop – Valorant

Night Market Is Here! Each player will receive six random chances to receive a discount on Selected Deluxe, or Premium weapon skins. The Night Market opened on December 10th. 

That’s it for the things you can find in the 1.14 patch update of Valorant.  Stay tuned for more news and updates!