July 30, 2021


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Valorant: Which Gun Phantom Or Vandal Are More Effective?



Normally, rifles are always the most popular weapon in Valorant thanks to their fast fire and high accuracy. However, when talking about the most expensive rifle, people always prioritize Phantom and Vandal instead of the Bulldog or Guardian. Despite the same price tag, they have different strengths and weaknesses.



Among Valorant’s rifles, the Phantom is the fastest gun. The most effective range for this gun is 0 – 15 meters. Here are the stats:

  • Price: 2,900 Credits.
  • Rate of fire: 11 rounds/sec. Zoom down to 9.9 rounds/sec.
  • Flight speed: 5.4m / sec.
  • Magazine: 30 bullets.
  • Distance from 0 – 15m: 39 in body, 156 in the head, 33 in the inner leg.
  • Distance from 15 – 30m: 35 in body, 140 in the head, 30 in the foot in 15-30m.
  • Distance from 30m or more: 31 in body, 124 in the head, 26 in the foot in 30m+.
  • Chisel: Medium.

Strengths: Has the most ammo in all rifles. Has the fastest rate of fire of any kind of rifle. Shoot each good shot from about 0-15m. Easy to control the spray pattern. Good close-range shot.

Weakness: If shot within 15m or more, need to shoot 2 shots in the head to defeat the target. No high value while on eco. When aiming will reduce the radiance of the ammo series and decrease the rate of fire.



Vandal is the most effective gun to shoot single bullets if facing Phantom at a range of 30-50m. Vandal’s rate of fire was slower, so he had difficulty shooting at close range. And here are the stats of the Vandal:

  • Price: 2,900 Credits.
  • Rate of fire: 9.25 rounds/second. Zoom down to 8.32 rounds/sec.
  • Flight speed: 5.4m / sec.
  • Magazine: 25 bullets.
  • Damage: 39 in body, 156 in the head, 33 in the leg.
  • Chisel: Medium.
  • Strengths: Shoot each good shot at any range. Has 2nd fastest rate of fire in rifles.

Weakness: Poor close-range shot. No high value while on eco. Difficult to control the recoil of the gun. While aiming will slightly decrease the radiance of the ammo series and decrease the rate of fire.

Vandal and Phantom, which is better?

There has been a lot of debate in Valorant about Vandal or Phantom better, like comparing M4A1 and AK-47 in CS: GO. However, the aforementioned parameters may partly help you better understand which gun will suit which gameplay.

The Phantom is a gun with high accuracy and speed when fired at close range. Therefore it is suitable for players with an aggressive style. However, when it comes to long-range shooting, it definitely cannot be compared to Vandal.

For distances 0 – 15m, it has a faster target kill speed for all health (100, 125, and 150). Because of that, it was completely superior to Vandal even though the two players were of equal skill.

For a distance of 15-30m, Vandal has significantly improved its time on armored targets but is still incomparable when shooting unarmored targets like the Phantom. In some cases, when dealing with healing targets like Sage or Phoenix, it is still optimal.

For a distance of 30-50m, Vandal has a much faster target kill speed for armored targets, especially in single-shot shots. However, for low-health or unarmed targets, the Phantom still dominates.

So when should you use Vandal or Phantom?

If you like to play slowly while using Sage or Cypher spies or shoot directly in the head of Phoenix or Breach then Phantom will be a perfect choice. However, if you have good aiming skills, high precision, and confidence in your skills then you can choose a Vandal, thanks to its excellent shot-by-shot. In fact, if you shoot 1 shot in the head at a range of 50 meters, then surely it never has a comparison door.

Of course, because each gun has its own strengths and weaknesses, you can choose your favorite gun. The more you shoot, the better you will feel the recoil of each gun and use it for the best in each case. In addition, you should also pay attention to keep the position to suit each gun. For example, if you are in a long-shot position, you should hold your Vandal instead of the Phantom. Meanwhile, if you have a close-range shot, you should prioritize the other.