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Vampire Survivors – Some Unlockable Characters In The Game

Vampire Survivors

Vampire Survivors is a popular roguelike game with minimalist gameplay and timed survival. The goal of the game is to survive by defeating enemies using the weapon and passive ability of a chosen character. You can upgrade your character by purchasing more weapons, using item add-ons, and purchasing global power-ups. There are currently fifteen unlockable characters in the game, each with their own strengths and weaknesses.

Porta Ladonna – Vampire Survivors

Vampire Survivors 2

Porta’s passive allows her to increase the area hit by 30 percent. He also gains 90% cooldown reduction, 30% per level reduction, disappears completely at level 4.

His initial weapon is the Lightning Ring, which is slow and has inconsistent results because of the way it randomly attacks. One trick you can do to make Porta easier is to leave the experience crystals alone until there are enough for you to have multiple levels.


Dommario’s passive grant gives him a 40% increase in the speed and duration of projectiles on his weapon. In return, he gets a 40% movement speed penalty. You can improve his movement speed by using the item Wings and the Movement Speed ​​power to counter this.

His weapon is the King Bible, which revolves around him, damaging and knocking enemies back. The King Bible becomes one of the most powerful weapons in the game once you upgrade it.

Gennaro Belpaese – Vampire Survivors

Gennaro’s passive provides an extra projectile to all weapons involved, helping them to effectively destroy groups. This doesn’t scale like Mortaccio’s passive ability, so he’s a slightly less useful character than both Mortaccio and Yatta.

Just like Yatta and Mortaccio, you want to pair his passive with the Clone item to add additional projectiles. Gennaro’s starting weapon is a knife that is fired like a projectile towards his movements.

Imelda Belpaese

Vampire Survivors 1

Imelda’s passive allows her to gain 10 percent more experience every five levels up to a maximum of 30 percent. Her initial weapon is a magic wand that automatically targets the nearest enemy. Both mean you’ll level up quickly while surviving is much easier.

There’s no downside to Imelda, and she’s easily unlocked, making her the best starting character until you can convert into Mortaccio or Yata, who outshines her in abilities.

Suor Clerici – Vampire Survivors

Suor’s passive gives her hit heal for half a second plus 30 max health. This may seem like a lot, but the character quickly loses health due to the game’s mechanics.

To counter this, Suor also starts with 400 percent of her area of ​​effect reduced by 100 percent at each level up. Her weapon is Santa Water, which summons holy water bottles from the sky, dealing AOE damage. Stand inside Santa Water to protect yourself from enemies.


Vampire Survivors

Mortaccio is the strongest character in Vampire Survivors because of his passive, which gives him an extra projectile every twenty levels (maximum of three projectiles total).

Passives go backward, so any items you already have will gain an additional bullet. His initial weapon is a Bone – he’s a skeleton after all – fired as a projectile that can be fired from an enemy when attacked. It is relatively weak in the early game but will grow well later in the game.

You should pair this passive with the Clone item as it makes him an absolute ballistics master. Doubles are unlocked when you get the Magic Wand to level 7. It has two levels that affect the number of projectiles a weapon can fire.

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