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Vampyr – Best Side Quest Of The Game From Our Oppinion


Vampyr 2018 puts you in the role of a newborn vampire, (or Ekon) Jonathan Reid, a London doctor who has been accidentally turned by a mysterious vampire on his way home. A great threat draws nearer as he struggles to accept his nature and the inner conflict between his duty to save and his desire to earn a living.

Emily Is Missing – Vampyr 

Vampyr 2

Jonathan meets Charlotte, Lady Ashbury’s adopted daughter, and an avid learner. She is worried about Emily, her friend, and co-worker, who has gone missing. Foolishly, Charlotte told Emily about the existence of vampires before she went missing.

Jonathan’s investigation into Emily’s disappearance reveals that she broke a deal with a vampire to be turned into a vampire. As you can tell, it didn’t end well. A French vampire named Jacques tries to unseat her, but Emily is unable to bleed and dies. You’ll be given the choice to kill Jacques or let him go, although it’s clear Emily is partly at fault here.

Occult Oculus

During your adventures of Vampyr around London, you’ll likely come across braille notes that trigger the ‘Mystery God’ quest. Of course, Jonathan can’t read them, so you’ll need to take them to Mason Swanborough for him to translate it for you.

According to the notes, its author said he was on the verge of a revolutionary discovery: a cure for blindness. This is especially appealing to Mason, as he is blind. Unfortunately, the chemist has turned into a monster, and it’s up to you whether you should give the recipe to Mason. If you do, he’ll give you Sanicin as a reward; but if you don’t, he won’t give you anything and will be quite hostile to you.

Hide And Seek – Vampyr 

Vampyr 1

In the sewers of London, Jonathan comes across a man in hiding named Rodney. He asked him about it, but the man was tight-lipped, saying that this was his quarantine.

But if you go inside the Gillingham household, you’ll find a note written by Jack Gillingham about the death of a gang member. Jonathan quickly identifies Rodney as the killer and convinces him to return to the front. Rodney will be reluctant to do so, despite the other gang members hunting him down.

Spoils Of War

Arriving at the pier area, you’ll find the Paxton sisters, Giselle and Lottie. Giselle is bitter after losing her job and being kicked out of her home, saying a militia band stole her money.

Jonathan discovers that it is actually Priwen’s Guardian who is in charge and quickly works with them. He gets Giselle’s money back, with the choice of giving it back or keeping it for himself. Whatever you choose to do, it’s clear that Guard of Priwen doesn’t just hunt vampires.

Holy Crusade – Vampyr 


Said to be the worst person you will ever meet in the game, Father Whitaker tells Jonathan that his young disciple, Samuel, has not returned as promised after going on an ‘expedition’ mission.

Jonathan departs for the cemetery, where the path leads him to Samuel – who has unfortunately turned into Skal – and his personal diary. To their horror, Whitaker and Samuel traveled across London burning “so-called sinners”. You can confront Whitaker about this, even though the man insists he is doing God’s good work.

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