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Heroes of the Storm: Varian Talent Build Guide


Varian is a Bruiser that can also be played as a Melee Assassin or a Tank depending on his Hero Abilities, which can be selected at Level 4 rather than Level 10 like the other Heroes.

Strengths and Weaknesses of Varian



  • Flexible role: Tank, Bruiser, Melee Assassin
  • Intense interaction while playing as a Tank with the Taunt Taunt emblem
  • Damage explodes high while playing as Melee Assassin with Colossus Smash
  • Good duel when playing Solo Laner with Twin Blades of Fury


  • Limited mobility
  • Low waveclear
  • Weak before Level 4

Talent Build of Varian

Taunt Build

The Taunt Build turns Varian into a Tank capable of engaging and/or manipulating an ally but don’t underestimate his damage. We strongly recommend building this build when your team needs a Tank, but it can also be played as a Solo laner.

Colossus Smash Build

The Colossus Smash Build turns him into an explosive melee assassin who excels at destroying enemy priority targets by using Colossus Smash for fights and harnessing the Armor reduction effect to gain zero. only his own damage, but also the damage of the rest of the team. We recommend this build when your team does not need a Tank or Solo laner.

Twin Blades Build

The Twin Blades Build turns him into Bruiser thanks to the extra damage the Twin Blades of Fury provides. We think this build is only viable when playing as a Solo laner and not when your team needs a second Tank or Assassin.

Synergies and Counters

Synergizes with:

Taunt Build combines easily tracked Heroes with crowd control (like Malfurion who can easily take down Root just a moment before Taunt is about to expire) and deals damage (such as Jaina will be able to take all damage from her Snowstorm).

Colossus Smash Build works better when your team has crowd control but lacks explosive damage to track.

The Twin Blades Build likes anything that can help him stick to his target, usually, something provided by a Tank (for example Johanna can Slow and Stun nearby enemy Heroes).

Countered by:

Varian, independent of the Build used, is counterattacked by Heroes capable of flying his kite due to their range (such as Hanzo, who can also use Acoustic Arrow to deny a side rib) and/or Hero has the tools to compromise his already low on mobility (such as Garrosh).

Taunt Build is counterattacked by Heroes who have tools to eliminate his Taunt (such as Anduin with Leap of Faith) and/or something to counter explosive damage that will come from his team ( like Uther because he provides Armor to Allied Heroes through Devotion).

Colossus Smash Build is resisted by Heroes who have something to minimize explosive damage that will come from him and his teammates (e.g. Medivh because Force of Will provides Protected, a status effect has no direct effect).

The Twin Blades Build is heavily affected by the Hero who can reduce his Attack Speed, crowd control, and/or knock him down. The blind is also good against him.

Maps of Varian


Varian plays well on the Map where teamfights happen not only at Goal but also in other locations on the battlefield as he can gain an advantage from the fact that his Hero Skills has The really short and weak cooldown on the Map only has one large team fighting at the Goal since the opposing team can play it safe for the rest of the time.