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[VCS Summer 2020] EVOS Esports: Expectations and reality

A new member of EVOS Esports

A new member of EVOS Esports

Spring ended and then the summer sun, the natural law is like that. After the spring tournament with a promising young squad, the recruitment of Zeros made EVOS Esports receive great expectations from the community. To become number 1, you must defeat every opponent on the path of conquest. Especially when you own the superstars in the squad. However, the reality is much more difficult for EVOS Esports. Only after 4 defeats did they find the first victory. So what can we expect from them in the coming weeks?

EVOS Esports

VCS SPRING 2020 – EVOS Esports

To have a clearer view of EVOS Esports, we need to go back in time to VCS Spring. The characteristic of EVOS Esports is that their early game is led by Sorn, followed by excellent fights. EVOS won most of the competitors in the lower half of the rankings (except for CERBERUS Esports), but lost to the competitors above. It can be said that, in the Spring Split, EVOS Esports belongs to the middle team of the tournament and decided to play for a playoff.

Supportive rotation is the strength of EVOS Esports
Supportive rotation is the strength

EVOS Esports is also known for playing around the bot lane, where Divkid serves as the team’s main source of damage. The top of White Tiger has always been considered their weakness, the 3rd team in the VCS Spring always let their top lane kill themselves and put all the raw resources for Divkid. 30% of the team’s damage as well as 25% of gold is enough to see how important Divkid is to EVOS Esports.


Zeros, the VCS star that should have come to the LPL, opposes most of the opponents in the road. Roads expected as the next player will be exported as SofM or Levi. However, things didn’t work out, Zeros got stuck and didn’t play for a team for the first half of spring. So, GAM Esports decided to bring Zeros back to play for the second half of the spring season as well as compete with Kiaya in the top lane. After all, GAM still decided to put his faith in Kiaya and Zeros decided to come to EVOS Esports in the summer. What makes people most doubt whether Zeros will keep his destructive performance when he comes to EVOS Esports?

A new member of EVOS Esports
A new member

Recruiting Zeros is easy to spot as an upgrade to EVOS Esports on the top half of the map. With Zeros, Pake, and Divkid, EVOS can become a team with 3 attacks, as everyone thinks. A team that has no weaknesses and can adapt to any style of play. That is why the White Tiger became the champion candidate in the eyes of the fans.

Of course, the reality is far different from the theory. 0-4 after 2 weeks of competition, facing strong opponents like GAM, Team Secret, CES, or Team Flash is never easy for a new team to mount like EVOS. But winning against teams like PER, OPG, and SGB made them regain confidence. If it weren’t for a heavy schedule at the beginning of the season, perhaps EVOS would have been more positive.

In the second leg series, EVOS needs to make efforts and have important victories if they want to insert themselves into the playoffs. If you win against Team Secret, GAM Esports, Team Flash, or CES, the season will be great with EVOS. Confidence will build them to become a top team. The road to Worlds is very difficult, to conquer difficulties you have to become the best team as well as to be the best you have to defeat the entire opponent.