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League of Legends – VCS Summer 2020 Week 5 result

VCS Summer 2020 Week 5

VCS Summer 2020 Week 5

It looked like CES was able to knock down GAM in game 3 but Dia1 didn’t allow the opponent to do that. On July 17, within the framework of Week 5, 2020 Summer VCS, GAM Esports won a dramatic 2-1 victory over CERBERUS Esports, thereby cutting off the team’s unbeaten match in the VCS Summer 2020 Week 5.

Match Developments

VCS Summer 2020 Week 5

In the VCS Summer 2020 Week 5, as usual, GAM is the proactive team with early ganks but CES still plays very solidly thanks to the ability to fight. However, with the gunner Artemis moving too confidently, along with the excellence of supporting Slay, GAM opened the sharp attacks, overwhelmingly completely CES.

Game 2 continues to be a good start for GAM thanks to better quality and to make good use of the impatience of CES. However, CES was still strong enough to restore the game with a dragon fight in the 20th minute, and bring the first Baron. After that situation, GAM gradually lost control, they continuously let CES take big goals, lose the fight, and accept being equalized 1-1.

Game 3 took place in a tug of war when neither side had a clear advantage after more than 30 minutes of play. Only to the dragon fighting phase 36 minutes, taking advantage of CES dragon start first, the GAM members, in turn, take down 3 enemy members before focusing on the mid-end game.

VCS Summer 2020 Week 5 excellent players

VCS Summer 2020 Week 5

And Dia1 is GAM. Every time the player hits the carry, even though most of the squad is lying down alone, Dia still has enough strength to push back all. With the style of gunner Tristana game 1 and especially Lucian game 3, Dia1 repeatedly saved GAM from a difficult situation before finding a winning fight.

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