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Guilty Gear XRD REV 2: Venom Special Moves, Instant Kill


Guilty Gear’s permanent baker is equipped with a pool sign; Venom is unique even in the world of Guilty Gear. The general signature is not only for his style but also an integral part of his playstyle. He has the ability to place billiard balls on the screen in various shapes and hit balls with regular balls, special balls, and even other balls. Though this gives him his ability to pinpoint his strongest points, his ability to set pressure and mix.

Venom Playstyle


His kit allows him to use his balls to exert heavy pressure, damaging chips on enemy players.


  • Powerful and varied pressure options: His balls provide him with a long list of options that often beat the common defense mechanics if applied properly. The depth of his pressure / Okizeme could allow an efficient lab player to catch many opponents off guard with unfamiliar settings.
  • Good Pokes And Neutral Game: 2S, f.S, and Stinger Aim are neutral tools that have few rivals in terms of overall clockless screen control.
  • His 6P: 6P is one of the best of its kind. It can cancel the jump, has great invulnerability, and a good reward at most ranges.
  • Set play and Zoning are both possible: Venom is not tied to a particular style of play. Just as they can be used to exert pressure and size, his balls can also be used to block and run away from opponents.


  • No inviolable reversal: He doesn’t have any of the traditional forms of inviolable reversals.
  • Low-reward Pokes: The same jabs that he uses for neutral control have the weak point of not delivering a significant reward on hit or block. Normally 2S and f.S at range give only the best ball when hitting normal or can even be punished at worst.
  • Easy to counter-attack: Most of his special and normal moves leave him in a counterattack for a long time, opening up additional punishment options for opponents.

Special Moves

  • Ball Set: Ball Set is his most iconic special. Ball Set places a ball on the stage from his current position and transfers the other placed balls into one of many predefined formations.
  • Ball Hit: The ball flies with the speed and direction associated with the movement used to hit them. Balls can also bump into other balls causing them to move. This will also change the original ball’s direction.
  • QV: The starting QV is a special button that can be held down to increase the “level” of the attack. During the charge, QV negates the projectile traversing it, but does not interact with the player.
  • Teleport: Teleports Venom to the ball he last placed. Teleport can be done by holding down the attack button while placing the ball.
  • Stinger Aim: Stinger Aim is his fastest way to bring a bullet to the screen without any pre-set ball. Roman Cancels, especially YRC, allow this move to be much safer than the other and allow the user to validate combos from further away.
  • Carcass Raid: S Carcass Raid is one of the most important specials of Venom. From the close range, the sCR offers significant frame advantages that can be used as a pressure reset.
  • Double Head Morbid: The S Double Headed Morbid is rarely useful, but can be helpful for allowing one to hit the ball directly onto the top.
  • Mad Struggle: Tiger Knee S Mad Struggle is one of the most versatile headlines in him. The kneeless version of Mad Struggle can be used to alter landing times and disrupt enemy airways.

Venom Instant Kill


Giga Machina System

  • Indicate the right time for you, your opponent in Hellfire mode and you have 50% Stress
  • Use his Stinger Aim animation without the ball.
  • Can be combined into a pitch and a 5D when the opponent is in hellfire and you have enough meters. Can be used from a ping pong loop.