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Venomancer Dota 2, The Reptile Disguised As A Plant



In the history of heroes, Venomancer Dota 2 is known as a living creature in the shape of a tree. Many creatures mistakenly touched him and the end was a garlic bulb.

The strange shape of the Venomancer


If you are a gamer who used to hold Venomancer, you must be very surprised at the first pick. This hero is one of the weirdest heroes in Dota. Gives yourself the physique of a living plant but he is actually a reptile. He was created by a late doctor. This doctor is on a journey to find a new element for his research. Unfortunately encountered him and accidentally made him angry.

If you are a Dota 2 player then you probably know his interesting fighting skills. He can bring to other players the slightest discomfort. Especially with the heroes who can not reach him. You will die slowly under the amount of poison created by him.

Venomancer ‘s powerful deathly skills

If talking about this reptile wearing a botanical costume, you must mention his skills. This skill set is the way Venomancer exists through matches. His specific skills:

Venomous Gale: right from the name, you have seen the quality of this skill exudes. This is a long-range skill that can be used in many different situations. He will spew out a splash of water on the enemy struck. This range of steps will slow the movement speed of enemies hit. The damage will be calculated every 3 seconds the enemy touches. As for the path, this skill goes in a straight line and infiltrates damage.

Poison Sting: also has the ability to slow down the movement speed of enemies. This technique is passive and the effect of the attack is built into his basic attack. You should increase this attack early in the game to cause maximum damage to the enemy. This ability will help you to avoid being cornered by melee heroes. It ensures no one dares to approach your location.

Plague Ward: This hero will install a stake to help ensure visibility for the entire team. This is also a stake that benefits from his second move. You should increase this skill at level 3 of the champion. It ensures you can detect the ganks of the enemy team. It also contributes to the overall strength of the team.

The advantage comes from Venomancer ‘s skills


Can see through the system of Venomancer the following advantages:

You can take advantage of the piles that his 3 moves create. These moves will help him to be able to deal extremely good damage to the tower. You can also use this skill to chase down enemies. This skill is also the way that he asserts his ability to remain in the lane. You should make the most of these piles in team fights and solo lanes.

He also has a powerful ability without equipment. Unlike many other heroes, he does not rely too much on items. He can help himself become stronger through the combination of skills.

In the Mid game, he is a pretty strong champion. If you know how to combine all the skills of this hero in a reasonable way. Especially with Poison Nova will be very effective in large fights. You should take advantage of this skill for team fights. Avoid using this skill on the target unit. The more enemies there will be, the more damage there will be.

The downside also comes from the skill system

If those skills contribute to his dominance in team fights, it has its drawbacks. The disadvantages are:

No escaping skills like any other magic hero. He cannot survive if he encounters good position locking heroes. Especially when meeting heroes who are stunned, slow, and silent.

No control skills are also weaknesses of Venomancer. This hero can inhibit an enemy hero but cannot lock their position. It affects how Carry and the allied heroes will coordinate when no one has control skills.