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Vici Gaming vs beastcoast Prediction – The International 10

Vici Gaming vs beastcoast Prediction

Vici Gaming vs beastcoast prediction on October 09, 2021. If talking about the stats of beastcoast members, the team is even better than Vici Gaming, they have it. But K1 or Chris Luck are the ones who possess extremely strong laning and teamfight abilities. However, only these two positions provide peace of mind for beatcoast, in the safe lane. As well as in the hard lane beastcoast is rated as the bottom door compared to Vici Gaming.

Vici Gaming Overview

Vici Gaming vs beastcoast Prediction

Vici Gaming is showing a good performance in Group B, as of the time of writing they have brought 2 wins. They only received a single draw against an annoying opponent, Fnatic. The opponent in this round is just a beastcoat that is not difficult. Experts believe that the world’s number 5 team at this time will pass without taking much time.

beastcoast Overview

Vici Gaming vs beastcoast Prediction

It seemed that it would come as a surprise when defeating Team Secret. But beastcoast did not seem to have completely changed when it only brought a draw result against Quincy Crew. Beastcoast is no stranger to the power of Vici Gaming. Statistics show that the last 4 times they faced this same team they lost 3 but only won 1. The last time the two teams met was at the WePlay tournament held in June. That match beastcoast lost with a score of 0-2 so at this time when the opponent is in high form, repeating a loss It’s also not hard to predict.

Vici Gaming vs beastcoast Prediction

Similarly, if we look at the mid-lane where the confrontation between Ori and Chris Luck will be extremely fierce, it is true that Chris Luck has a lot of contributions to the playstyle. But this guy spends a lot of time accumulating equipment storage. 

Chris Luck’s laning ability is considered weaker than Ori’s. His teamfight ability, as well as experience in late-game situations, is also rated as weaker. It can be seen that beastcoast will win if they do well in the laning phase with consecutive kills. But this is extremely slim when their form is fluctuating at the moment. 

Vici Gaming vs beastcoast Prediction

Moreover, Vici Gaming has more than enough experience to dodge pointless fights. They will quickly head to towers to control vision more effectively. The tactical nature of beastcoast is not high enough. They mainly want to win by small skirmishes that gradually take advantage of their team. 

However, with the matches in The International, the teams compete with each other very fiercely. That makes them high in certainty as well as spacing each other by the amount of money from turrets or looting resources, not killing lives. When Vici Gaming has the item, it will be extremely dangerous as well as crush the opponent with winning battles. The final score is predicted to be 2-0 in favor of ViCi Gaming.

Vici Gaming vs beastcoast Bet Prediction

Vici Gaming vs beastcoast total score prediction:

  • Vici Gaming 1-0 beastcoast
  • Vici Gaming 1-0 beastcoast

Total score 2-0 ( Vici Gaming won the handicap 1.5)

First blood:

  • Game 1: beastcoast
  • Game 2: Vici Gaming

Total rounds:

  • Game 1: Vici Gaming 37-24 beastcoast (Over)
  • Game 2: Vici Gaming 32-21 beastcoast (Over)


Vici Gaming: poyoyo, Pyw, Ori,  eLeVeN, Dy

beastcoast: K1, StingeR, Chris Luck,  Wisper, Scofield