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Top 3 Obnoxious Ways That Video Games Cheat – Games List

Video Games Cheat

Video Games Cheat

Video games do a lot of fun little tricks to help us feel immersed and give us a small edge – and sometimes they do the opposite, just completely throwing out the rules and making it difficult for them to do the same. We fight an uphill battle to win. Today we are not talking about cool tricks. We’re talking about the evil, vile, and dirty cheating ways video games cheat.

Uncanny Luck – video games cheat

Whether you are gambling in a large casino or playing video games, the house always wins. Players have standard luck – you win some, you lose some. But computers? It cheats to win, and there’s nothing you can do about that. Whether it’s fighting the Gambler class in Bravely Default 2, where she always hits the perfect 10. Or when you’re fighting in Puzzle Quest and AI enemies are expected to get lots of lucky draws. The game is actively blurring the results instead of actually enforcing the level of randomness.

The tricks that annoy players most often appear in games like GTA5. In Grand Theft Auto Online, you can spend in-game cash, which can take hours (or days) or your whole life to earn at the massive casino. Blackjack is one of the simplest games to play and you’ll quickly learn that the house can beat the odds to make sure you don’t win too much. Sure, the dealer always wins IRL, but the dealer isn’t outright cheating either by (apparently) drawing impossible card combinations from his bottomless deck.

All-Seeing AI

Essentially, all video games know where the player is at all times – that’s how the game works! However, when you are playing a game, you should at least feel like your enemies have to determine your position naturally. They can’t show up at any time to spy on you, can they? 

Even basic games like Doom ensure that monsters are alerted by sound or by standing in front of them before they attack. But even the newest games in the world are completely rigged and give AI ​​an unfair advantage.

If you commit a crime in Skyrim, the guards will quickly appear to arrest you. The same goes for Bounty Hunters in Red Dead Redemption 2. You can accidentally “steal” by looting a shack in the middle of the wilderness, and a bunch of bounty hunters will be tailing you in a few seconds. Enemies in older shooters like Red Faction can spot you just because you look at them. That what we call video games cheat.

All-Seeing AI – video games cheat

We’ve all been in a race where we dominated, conquering every turn and taking every shortcut, but the AI ​​racers just sped forward anyway. Rubber bands are a common way racing games cheat to keep races competitive, even if you’re easily outperforming the AI. 
The term of the video games cheat “rubber band” comes from the way that opposing racers seem to be connected to you like a rubber band – you stretch the rubber enough, and then it turns around, launching the racer. AI with cheating speed to catch you. Almost every casual racing game you have played has it. Heck, even heavyweight racers use rubber bands in more subtle ways.