August 4, 2021


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League of legend: Viego sees terrible win rates after release


The newest champion in the League of Legends, Viego, is having a hard time finding success in the solo queue, despite having been active in three different roles.


Viego might become a frightening pick

After being released on Summoner’s Rift, the players are spamming to use him in a solo queue when he’s not banned. So far, the Ruined King has seen a lot of play in the jungle, the middle lane and the top. 

With many possible roles to be flexioned into, he might become a frightening pick when players figure it out, but so far, the winning rates aren’t pretty.

So far on patch 11.2, Viego is sitting at the bottom of the win-rate chart, his jungle win rate being the third worst of all the champions in the game. His jungle win rate is at 43.41 per cent, that does not seem ideal for a champion officially developed to be a jungler. For the top lane, his win rate is a bit better, at 44.02 percent.

He is performing best in the middle lane and can be used as a strong counter pick in some situations. His win rate in the middle is 45.95 per cent and has been rising over the last few days. It’s still uncertain if he is going to be the strongest mid-laner on the patches to come, but so far it might seem to be the right approach for him.

While he has not yet been used in professional play, several pro players have begun experimenting with him in solo queue. DWG KIA jungler Kim “Canyon” Geon-bu is one of his most active professionals and has already had some good performances with him. Canyon is on the Goredrinker route for his Mythic item, so the meta may already be shifting.

When Viego becomes usable in professional play and the players in the solo queue have more experience playing it, the winning rates are likely to be altered.

How do you build ?

Viego is good with his own item, the Blade of the Ruined King, as an attack damage skirmisher. Paired with his ability to Blade the Ruined King (Q), he does a lot of auto attack damage. Trinity Force, The Collector, and Sterak’s Gage are all good options for additional damage.