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Virtus.Pro vs ENCE Esports Prediction – ESL Pro League – 04/03

Virtus.Pro vs ENCE Esports prediction

Virtus.Pro vs ENCE Esports prediction

Virtus.Pro vs ENCE Esports prediction on April 03, 2021. ENCE had a great performance in the group stage, successfully defeating a handful of strong opponents like G2 or Vitality to secure a spot in the playoffs.

Virtus.Pro Overview

Virtus.Pro’s strength was clearly not weak, but in their group, there were many strong teams. Having finished his five matches in the group stage, Virtus.Pro only got three wins and lost the remaining two to Team Liquid and Astralis. This achievement is just enough for Virtus.Pro to take third place in Group D and get a spot to compete in the playoffs.

Virtus.Pro’s first match in the playoffs was a lot lighter when the opponent they encountered was the underdog ENCE team. Just make use of the advantages of the diverse map pool and play carefully, then the Virtus.Pro vs ENCE Esports prediction expert believes that winning is not difficult for Virtus.Pro.

Rencent Matches

Virtus.Pro02Liquid Gaming
Virtus.Pro02Team Liquid

ENCE Esports Overview

Even in their group, the ENCE players took second place on the standings and were only slightly behind the top team, the NIP. However, the Virtus.Pro vs ENCE Esports prediction expert thinks that this playoff is really difficult for ENCE. Entering this round there is no weak team and surely no team will subjectively despise the enemy to lose the only chance to continue.

It can be seen that the ENCE players are doing quite well in Train and Nuke with a stable win rate of up to 70%. The expert thinks that they should continue to choose these two maps when bans to have the biggest advantage against their opponents.

Recent Matches

ENCE02FaZe Clan
ENCE20Team Vitality

Virtus.Pro vs ENCE Esports prediction

ENCE’s stellar performance in the group stage could not help them gain a higher rating than their opponents in this match. Virtus.Pro, with his ability as well as his competitive experience, was completely overwhelmed compared to ENCE and had a handicap of 1.5 games in this match. With the importance of the playoffs, the expert believes that Virtus.Pro will be very focused and research carefully on the opponent to minimize the possibility of loss due to unnecessary mistakes.

Although it is much more appreciated than the opponent, but the expert thinks that it is not easy for Virtus.Pro to win the 1.5 game handicap in this match. Maybe the final score of this match will be 2-1 with ENCE’s defeat.

Virtus.Pro vs ENCE Esports result prediction

Total Score Prediction

  • Map1: Virtus.Pro
  • Map2: ENCE
  • Map3: Virtus.Pro
  • Total score 2-1

Total Rounds Prediction

  • Map1: Virtus.Pro 16-9 ENCE
  • Map2: Virtus.Pro 16-12 ENCE
  • Map3: Virtus.Pro 16-12 ENCE

Pistol Round Winner Prediction

  • Map1: Virtus.Pro
  • Map2: ENCE
  • Map3: Virtus.Pro

First 5 Rounds Winner Prediction

  • Map1: Virtus.Pro
  • Map2: ENCE
  • Map3: Virtus.Pro


  • Virtus.Pro: SANJI, buster, Qikert, Jame, YEKINDAR
  • ENCE: allu, Snappi, doto, dycha, Spinx