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Visage Guide – Things You Should Know Before Started


Visage, the first-person psychological horror game, is clearly inspired by games like P.T. and Outlast, which are equally terrifying and brutally challenging. This isn’t some sort of “hands-on” experience with the game, it’s even clear how difficult it is in an open splash screen. 

The Punishing Difficulty


Visage is an extremely punishing, full stop game. The game does not train you or guide you in any shape or form. This design decision is definitely not going to appeal to everyone except hardcore, old-fashioned horror fans and maybe sadists. The game wants you to investigate and figure things out for yourself.

Often, this punitive nature of the game gets in the way of the experience. There are many times when you are left wandering through rooms and corridors without being able to figure out where to go next. If you’re considering learning about the game, be patient with yourself and take your time exploring every nook and cranny.


The best word to describe when mentioning the inventory management system in Visage is cumbersome. For some reason, developer SadSquare Studio chose an inventory system that requires multiple button presses, item swapping, and complicated control settings to use the desired item.

For example, if you hold an item that you no longer want to hold, you must hold down one button to select the appropriate hand and press another button to release the item from your desired hand. This may not sound complicated, but in practice, it can be daunting. Take your time in the early game to get used to swapping items, using items, and dropping unnecessary items and you’re good to go.

Lighten The Mood – Visage


Although it sounds obvious, various light sources, especially candles and light bulbs, are the best way to stay healthy in this game. At the beginning of the game, you can get a lot of light bulbs and candles. At various points in the game, you’ll come across burned-out lamps or sconces. By using a light bulb, you can permanently remove the darkness from that area.

Similarly, candles, which are easier to find, can be placed at specific candlesticks throughout the game. They are important to take advantage of as they not only provide light but also act as a checkpoint or reference point in case you get lost during your investigation. Luckily, the game gives you a lighter at the start of the game so you can use it when needed.

Multiple Endings – Visage


The game has multiple game endings, these game endings can be found by completing certain objectives, meeting certain parameters, and completing the objective in each chapter. Horror games are often filled with mystery and intrigue by nature, so it’s great to see it starting to get involved in this replayability.

Due to the disturbing content that the game is filled with, it can be difficult to play this game again. Feeling oppressed and anxious while playing, searching your inventory, and avoiding paranormal encounters can be just enough for one playthrough. However, for tough battles, you can learn more through the different endings, both good and bad.