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Vitality.Bee vs GameWard Prediction – LFL Summer 2021 – 07/27

Vitality.Bee vs GameWard Prediction

Vitality.Bee vs GameWard Prediction

Vitality.Bee vs GameWard prediction on July 27, 2021. In the previous 7 meetings, Vitality.Bee always proved superior with a record of 5 wins and only 2 losses against the opponent. In other words, that scenario is completely repeatable even though their recent form has not been very good (won 3, lost 2).

Vitality.Bee Overview

Vitality.Bee after 15 matches won 11 and lost only 4 of them, so this will probably be an easy match for Vitality.Bee for them to continue to consolidate their rankings after the next bo1 bet here closes. Vitality.Bee just needs to concentrate hard, it seems that victory will soon call Vitality.Bee’s name only.

GameWard Overview

GameWard this year is showing a weak and erratic face when it only gives itself 6 wins after 15 matches at this year’s LFL 2021 Summer. Ranked in 8th place, the whole team understands that they need to try harder if they want to keep their hopes of competing for playoffs tickets with direct rivals. 

However, in the next match, they will have to face a Vitality.Bee is in 2nd place on the table. This is probably still an easy task for GameWard because the opponent is going through an erratic season with good and bad matches. GameWard could win against Karmine Corp, the current top team, but soon after they lost to Team MCES, the team at the bottom of the rankings.

Vitality.Bee vs GameWard prediction

A match that, according to the assessment, Vitality.Bee will face a bit of difficulty at first because GameWard is also very hard to invade early game resources. 

However, Vitality.Bee has prepared to counter the opponent thanks to the members playing very close to each other and predicting the direction of GameWard’s movement when having a wide control field. Breaking the surprise element of GameWard, then Vitality.Bee will be much easier to play. 

At the last meeting, Vitality.Bee defeated the opponent with a score of 17-11. SMILEY and Diplex competed to shine and help Vitality.Bee rise at decisive moments. The KDA of SMILEY and the general Ezreal is also extremely impressive 7/1/5, this time Vitality.Bee will play more carefully instead of letting the opponent cause trouble. The whole team will play focused to crush the lane at first and create a gap in terms of money so that GameWard can’t react.

Vitality.Bee vs GameWard bet prediction

First Blood:

Game 1: Vitality.Bee 

First 10 Kill Points:

Game 1: Vitality.Bee

Vitality.Bee’s playstyle is also quite diverse when they roam to squeeze the tower in a very thorough way. Using very reasonable messengers gives the advantage of pushing the road and a wide view of the Baron cave area. GameWard, though, also tries very hard to defend and wait for the late game when the team has enough counter-equipment. 

But they won’t be able to wait until then because of Vitality.Bee forces the fight too well to make the  GameWard’s lineup fall apart. And from there they will also end the match that GameWard can’t interfere with, having to see the main house destroyed by Vitality.Bee.

Duration of game minutes

Game 1: 30 minutes

Kills handicap and total kills:

Game 1: Vitality.Bee 16 – 7 GameWard (choose Vitality.Bee – under)

Vitality.Bee vs GameWard match score prediction: 1-0


Vitality.Bee: SLT, Skeanz, Diplex, SMILEY, Hustlin

GameWard: Irrelevant, Memento, Toucouille, Ellam, Prime