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Vitality vs Bad News Bears Prediction – ESL Pro League – 08/17

Vitality vs Bad News Bears Prediction

Vitality vs Bad News Bears Prediction

Vitality vs Bad News Bears prediction on August 17, 2021. Vitality vs Bad News Bears is playing at ESL Pro League Season 14 on 08/17/202. You’ll find an overview of the odds, including odds from bookies that make Vitality the favorite to win the match.

Vitality Overview

Vitality players have been in a slump lately. From the team that stood at number one on the world rankings, Vitality is now only ranked at number nine. Typically, at the recent IEM Cologne 2021 tournament, Vitality only brought themselves 9-12th overall after being repeatedly defeated by Natus Vincere and FaZe. 

So entering the group stage of the ESL Pro League Season 14 this time, the house is very worried about Vitality’s ability to go far when there are many strong opponents competing for the ticket to continue with them. Hopefully, the Vitality players can be at their peak every day and bring surprises to their fans’ delight.

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Bad News Bears Overview

With the success of conquering the ESEA Premier Season 36 North America tournament, the Bad News Bears players have earned their tickets to compete in this ESL Pro League Season 14 tournament this time. However, it is quite difficult for Bad News Bears when they have to face too many teams with stronger capabilities than themselves to win the next ticket. However, this is a must and the house can only send Bad New Bears good luck.

The Bad News Bears players are doing quite well on the Overpass map when they have a win rate of over 80%. So if possible, they should prioritize choosing this map to improve their ability to win against their opponents.

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Vitality vs Bad News Bears prediction

Although the Vitality players have been playing a bit down lately, to be fair, they are still at the top of the world rankings. So it is not surprising that in this match Vitality is completely the team that is highly rated and stands above Bad News Bears. The house thinks that with such a big difference in strength, it is very difficult for Bad News Bears to find their own winnings. It is highly likely that this confrontation will quickly end with an overwhelming 2-0 victory for Vitality only.


Map Stats:

Vitality vs Bad News Bears bet prediction

Vitality vs Bad News Bears total score prediction:

  • Map1: Vitality
  • Map2: Vitality

Total score 2-0

Total Rounds:

  • Map1: Vitality 16-8 Bad News Bears
  • Map2: Vitality 16-11 Bad News Bears

Pistol Round Winner:

  • Map1: Bad New Bears
  • Map2: Vitality

First 5 Rounds Winner:

  • Map1: Vitality 
  • Map2: Vitality


Vitality: shox, misutaaa, apEX, ZywOo, Kyojin

Bad New Bears: Jonji, Swisher, Spongey, Shakezullah, junior