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Vitality vs G2 Prediction – IEM GROUP A – 12/04/2021

Vitality vs G2 Prediction

Vitality vs G2 Prediction

Vitality vs G2 prediction on December 04, 2021. The dramatic tension of this match was evident right from the ban/pick phase. Both teams would use their bans to keep their opponents from taking the best picks.

Vitality Overview

Confronting G2 in the final of the winning bracket of Group A. Of course, Vitality is being appreciated as the number 2 team in the world at the moment. 

However, in previous confrontations, most of the losers were Vitality, statistics show that the last 4 times when they met. Vitality only won once, the rest was lost to 3. Experts predict Vitality will be once. only received bitter fruit in this match, when their performance at this time was worse than that of the opponent.

G2 Overview

Although G2 is the 3rd ranked team in the world, the way they play makes many people admire the PGL Major. They only had to stop in front of a too-strong Natus Vincere. Statistics show that in the last 10 matches G2 only lost 1 match and brought 9 victories. Although it is expected to win this match, experts also predict that G2 will have a hard time when Vitality is in high form.

Vitality vs G2 Prediction

It wouldn’t be too surprising if Vitality bans Ancient directly when this is their non-foreign map. G2 will quickly respond to Vertigo when this is Vitality’s highest win rate map. 

However, that will help Vitality have a lot of choices in the map pick phase, Overpass, as well as Dust 2. It can be the map where they guarantee a game win. However, releasing Mirage for G2 is also a relatively risky task, when this is an extremely forehand map of G2.

If the above bans/picks are correct, then the possibility of a 1-1 score after the first 2 games is very large. The two teams will have to calculate a lot in the final ban/pick in the 3rd game. Analysts also noted that there is a high possibility that game 3 will be shot in Nuke. The two teams do not have much difference in level when the win rate is similar. 

At this point, the level of the players will play a decisive role in the match. At this point, the two teams are also quite balanced when they both own bright names. With Vitality, of course, great expectations belong to ZywOo, while G2 is definitely dependent on Niko who is in terrible form. Even so, G2 is expected to win the overall game in game 3. When in addition to Niko, they also have a Hunter- sharing the burden.

Vitality vs G2 Bet Prediction

Vitality vs G2 total score prediction:

  • Game 1: Vitality 1-0 G2
  • Game 2: Vitality 0-1 G2
  • Game 3: Vitality 0-1 G2

Total score 1-2 (G2 wins the handicap 1.5)

First 5 rounds:

  • Game 1: Vitality
  • Game 2: G2
  • Game 3: G2

Total rounds:

  • Game 1: Vitality 16-9 G2 (Under)
  • Game 2: Vitality 12-16 G2 (Over)
  • Game 3: Vitality 13-16 G2 (Over)


Vitality: shox, misutaaa, apEX, ZywOo, Kyojin

G2: JaCkz, NiKo, huNter-, kennyS, AmaNEk