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3 Best VR Horror Games You Should Try

VR horror games

VR horror games

VR has grown tremendously over the past few years, and it’s exciting to see the platform continue to evolve with new video game hardware and software. If you have a VR headset or are thinking of picking up one and happen to enjoy horror games, this is the list for you. In this VR horror games list, we highlight some of the best horror games that you can choose for the VR platform, although you will want to make sure that the games offered in this list are compatible with any Which headphones do you have or are currently looking to purchase. 

Arizona Sunshine – VR horror games

VR horror games

Arizona Sunshine for a few years was a zombie survival game for the VR platform. In this game, players will experience an FPS where you need to fight against a series of arch-enemies. 

There is a campaign when the player is looking for another survivor who has broadcast a message through the radio tower. Meanwhile, the game will require players to gather resources and weapons as they tackle a swarm of undead zombies roaming the outdoors. 

Fortunately, fans will find that this is a fairly open map as you can freely explore the area and organize your shots against the undead. Not to mention that there is a co-op mode. Up to four players can connect online and play together through the campaign.

The Walking Dead Saints & Sinners

VR horror games

One of the VR horror games that came out and have taken over the zombie shooter for fans is The Walking Dead Saints & Sinners. In this game, the player is entering the world of The Walking Dead, where you play as a survivor trapped in New Orleans. It’s a title that the developers have created to be unique for each player. 

Here in this game, you have the final decision on what to do. From going through the story and gathering resources, there will be different points where you will meet other survivors. Some can be hostile while others are more friendly with the need for help. However, how you handle situations is up to you, whether it’s helping those in need or brutally killing those people a little more advanced.

Resident Evil 7 – VR horror games

VR horror games

Resident Evil is an iconic survival horror game franchise. The development team at Capcom has released countless video game titles both main and spin-off to remakes. Although it wasn’t long ago when Capcom started to do away with their traditional survival horror gameplay elements and instead give fans more action-oriented experiences. 

Resident Evil 6 is the worst-case scenario of this happening, ultimately disappointing Resident Evil fans and begging Capcom to go back to their roots. Luckily, they managed to do just that with the release of Resident Evil 7. Here the player steps into a brand new protagonist named Ethan, who is searching for his missing wife that led him to the Baker family. 

While this game brings back the overall survival horror gameplay and atmosphere for which the series was originally known, Capcom has made some minor changes. The biggest thing is the fact that players have been given a first-person perspective that can be used in VR horror games. This is only available on PlayStation VR headsets, but it allows players to immerse themselves in this scary world.