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Want To Know More About The Erangel Frost Festival Event 2020?

The Erangel Frost Festival

What’s new in the Erangel Frost Festival PUBG Mobile Event? PUBG Mobile is again making an overhaul to Erangel which is the main map of this battle royale game. It’s already December, of course you know that the event is approaching which is always given every year.

The Erangel Frost Festival

THIS year the snow-themed event is back again, and it is called the Frost Festival Event which makes changes to the Erangel map. This event provides a lot of small events in it that give some prizes to the players. 

The most interesting thing is the Erangel map, which has been turned into a snow theme, with some additional interesting features.

PUBG Mobile Frost Festival Event Trailer

 PUBG Mobile Frost Festival Event

In this event, winter covers the city of Erangel which makes some of the water half frozen and forms a mysterious island. Some of these islands are made of ice and are shaped like castles that will lure you to come down there.

Even inside the palace, you can loot, and believe me, the loot in the castle doesn’t disappoint you. Unfortunately, there will definitely be a lot of people going down there too.

There is also a skiing feature which, if you still remember, will also appear in an Artic mode which is no less exciting than this event. So there are already two new things on the Erangel map, and it certainly doesn’t stop there.

The Erangel Frost Festival

You will also be able to pick up a snowball, which, if you throw it, will become a snow sculpture, or a snowman. This snowball can be an item to make a shelter if you are in the open.

Of course, there are also some decorations to welcome Christmas in PUBG Mobile Erangel, such as Air Drop which now has Christmas lights.

You can download the Erangel update in the game, and this event will continue until January 11, 2021.