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Warframe guide – Ways To Prepare For The New War

Warframe guide

Warframe’s The New War update arrived just recently. Slated for release on December 15, now is the perfect time to prepare your Tenno for the upcoming cinematic quest and new content. And just like the previous cinematic missions, you’ll need to do quite a bit before you can start the New War. This Warframe guide will cover more than ten tips to get you off to a good start when The New War update rolls out.

Create A Loadout – Warframe guide

The New War quest is all about the Sentients, acting as the main antagonist of this quest. Any additional content in this update will likely involve Sentients, so you’ll want a download that can counter them. Most Sentients can adapt to the damage they take, making some weapons against them significantly worse.

Warframe guide

There are four great ways to combat Sentient’s adaptive effects:

  • Play as Excalibur Umbra.
  • Use Paracesis with five or more Formas.
  • Use your Operators whenever they adapt to your damage.
  • Subscribe to Xaku to stream Xata’s Whisper to your favorite Warframes.

Excalibur Umbra’s Radial Howl will strip the Sentient’s resistances. The Paracesis Greatsword with five or more Formas will also strip the Sentient of resistances with each hit. Both Operator and Xata’s Whisper deal Void damage, a type of damage that strips the Sentient of its resistance.

Unlock The Helminth System

The Heart of Deimos update introduced the Helminth system, which allows you to destroy Warframes to gain one of their powers. You can then apply one of those powers to the Warframe of your choice. This system can make some Warframes significantly more powerful than before.

Want to use Valkyr’s Warcry on Excalibur? Valkyr numbers. Want to make the Ember deal even more damage? Replace Fireball with Wisp’s Breach Surge. The possibilities are endless. This system can be unlocked by reaching the third place with Entrati on Deimos and purchasing the Blueprint of Helminth from Son.

Upgrade Operator – Warframe guide

Executives are a core part of every cinematic mission, and The New War is no exception. There will probably be some parts of this quest where you will need to use your own Operator. If they aren’t equipped, prepare for some nasty fights.

Warframe guide

Fortunately, there’s not much you need to do to improve your Operator. We recommend building an Amp for your Operator before starting a new War. Amps are your Operator’s Void-powered modular weapon, much like Zaws and Kitguns. If you don’t own any Amps, here’s a great starter kit recommended by Warframe guide:

  • Prism: Shwaak
  • Scaffold: Pencha
  • Brace: Juttni

This is called a “2-1-2” Amp, which refers to the grade of each part. You can get all three of these from Quill Onkko at Cetus. You only need to rank two with The Quills to buy blueprints for each part, so you don’t need to equip multiple Sentient cores to build this Amp.

Also, consider obtaining the Operator Pieces and unlocking the Spotlight passwords. These are not required, but they will further improve your Operator’s effectiveness in combat. If you haven’t upgraded many of your Focus plants yet, we recommend raising the Elite Sanctuary Onslaught to quickly gain Points.

Expand Mod Collection

Warframe guide

As the Warframe guide, If you haven’t played Warframe much this year, this year Digital Extremes has released a new category of Mods and Arcanes that greatly improve the effectiveness of primary and secondary weapons. These are called Galvanized Mods and Weapon Arcanes.

Galvanized Mods are upgraded variants of typical Mandatory Mods that give a massive stat boost for each weapon kill. Weapon Arcanes greatly reduce your base damage in a fairly lenient condition (enemy kills, melee kills, etc.). Farm Arbitrations and Steel Path to get the access to these new Mods and Arcanes.