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Wargroove Guide – Beginner’s Tips To Master The Battle Field


Return to the glory days of turn-based strategy games with Wargroove, a retro war game inspired by the enhanced war series. We haven’t seen one of those games in a very long time, so if you’re a fan of the games (like I’m totally light), you might need to recalibrate your brain to Become a tactical genius on the field. The game isn’t just a clone either – it adds a ton of new units and cool mechanics that change the way you’ll handle any situation. 

Capture Everything – Wargroove


Capturing villages is the only way you earn gold and gold is what funds your army. You’ll need a steady supply, so the first goal of any quest is to capture as many villages as possible. It’s worth it to build Fodder Cannon soldiers (100 gold) and send them to get out of town villages, even if you’re busy attracting a large force somewhere else.

Even better, then the enemy likes to attack the village. They will be distracted by villages, and will often attack them instead of your units. Villages gain 10% health per turn, and villages can be used to strengthen your troops – heal them if they are lost in exchange for Village HP/Coins.

Wagons Are Extremely Useful

Wagons are one of the most useful units in the game, it makes sense to build a wagon very early in almost every battles – not only can they ferry troops from your starting base to the front lines quickly, but they can also serve as a unit useful block. Wagons in Wargroove are very fast, and if they take damage, they don’t lose function like other units. Even a damaged wagon can move troops quickly and transport.

Wagons can turn a slow-moving army into an insanely fast capturing force. Send your commander straight to remote barracks for quick shots to gain instant ground against opponents. You can even send a Speaker strike force straight to an enemy stronghold for a powerful critical strike.

Dogs Are Great Scouts – Wargroove


Dogs are not only cute, but they are also helpful Scouts. During an initial mission, you are required to use the Scout to see through the fog. This is not exactly correct. Dogs and other characters have very similar sights – but, dogs have an advantage over any other unit in the fog map. Dogs can “see” through trees, spotting enemies hiding in the woods.

Dogs are also quite useful against any root enemies. Soldiers, Spearmen, Archers, and more are quite vulnerable to a dog’s bite. And the dogs perform better when they have enemies surrounded by many dogs.

Trebuchets At Crit Range


Trebuchets are the units that win the game. The AI ​​is horrifying when it comes to the Trebuchet range, and a well-planned push with supporting Trebuchets can completely wreak havoc on an enemy. Even giant Golems don’t stand a chance. Trebuchets, at the right range, can also destroy villages and strongholds – you’ll want to shoot a stronghold from max range and you’ll be able to destroy it in two flat turns. That ends the game and gives you a win.

Trebuchets should be the winning bag in your hand, move them forward, prepare to attack, and smash the enemy. They need a lot of protection, but they are very useful. A single Trebuchet in Wargroove can hold multiple Herb enemies. It’s the Lynchpin of most combat strategies and isn’t as expensive as other, perfectly niche units like Golems or Dragons.