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Warm Snow Guide – Some Beginners Tips You Should Know

Warm Snow

Warm Snow is a fast-paced roguelike RPG game set in a dark fantasy world where snow warms and turns humans into mindless beasts. The experience boasts endless customization to the player’s character and a fast-paced combat system that will leave players breathless.

Sun Piercer

Warm Snow 2

It has been discovered that a great class at Warm Snow – if not one of the best – is the Sun Thief class. Choosing this character class will be a great choice for players, as it will make it much easier to kill a bunch of enemies.

Sun Piercer’s shining benefits include the fact that it does much more damage than other classes, can pierce enemies – although sadly this penetration doesn’t go through walls – and a decent range of attacks. long. While all classes are good in some respects, the Sun Piercer is one of the best classes to take.

Instant-Kill Attacks

Unfortunately, some of the roguelike bosses in Warm Snow have a nasty tendency to have instant killer attacks. Usually, bosses that are about to trigger their instant kill attack will have a warning in some way – such as making a motion to grab the player.

However, new players may not even know these attacks exist. Others may know they exist, but they don’t know the warning signs and will fall into the trap. It would therefore be the best option for players who are new to a particular boss to start keeping a close eye on these attacks and learn the pattern, or at least the warning signs.

Reroll for Items – Warm Snow

Warm Snow 1

There is a specific area in the game with a treasure hunting NPC and a girl in white. More specifically, this area is located within the campgrounds. The girl will be able to let the player exchange swords, but the treasure hunter will have three items for the player to choose from.

Many players have found that, if the selection of items is not to their liking, they can simply exit the game and re-enter. The game won’t save and there will be a new chance to get something better from the treasure hunting NPC.

Stat Boosters

An NPC can be found that once unlocked, will return to the player’s camp and possibly increase their stats. However, this NPC must be found first, before the stat boost can be used. It will take a bit of searching in the dungeons, but it shouldn’t be too difficult if the player knows where to look.

Similar to finding story-related items, the player can actually find this NPC by destroying shards or anything else that can break. After they find this NPC, players will be able to increase their stats when they reach camp.

Damnation Tome – Warm Snow

Warm Snow

The Damnation Tome is considered a “high risk, high reward” tome, but is otherwise one of the best tomes in a roguelike. This is especially true when it is coupled with the Sun Piercer class.

Damage, although it greatly reduces the player’s defense, will also greatly increase the player’s ATK by the same percentage. On top of that, the player’s defense will also start to increase as their HP gets lower. As such, the Sun Pirates class and the Damnation tome combined make for one of the most powerful builds in the game.

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