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Wasteland 3 Guide – Things Newbies Should Do First

Wasteland 3

Wasteland 3

Starting a new level in RPG Wasteland 3 can be quite challenging, especially if this is your first time playing the RPG. There are many unique systems and mechanics that you should know before entering the game, such as vehicle customization. The game has a huge post-apocalyptic world for you to explore. However, before going through the open world, there are a few things you should do in advance to prepare for everything the Wasteland will throw at you.

Upgrade Car

Wasteland 3

The vehicle you get in Wasteland 3 is upgradeable and you’ll need to upgrade it regularly if you want to explore everything Wasteland has to offer. This vehicle is called Kodiak and there are many upgrades available for you to create. These upgrades include weapon bonuses on Kodiak, and you can also customize the vehicle’s appearance as you see fit.

You will need to upgrade your Kodiak before you can travel to certain areas of the map, so make sure to update this vehicle as soon as possible and periodically check for new upgrades available. It’s easy to forget to do this because the game contains a lot of content and customization.

Find Two Extra Companions

There are plenty of additional story companions you can recruit to your team, and you can also create more followers at your Ranger Headquarters in Colorado Springs when it starts and work. However, there are some companions you meet in Colorado Springs that you should know so you can add them to your party ASAP.

Marshal Kwon is the first companion you’ll encounter in Wasteland 3, and he can join your party as soon as your Ranger Command is set up. Lucia Wesson is another easy companion, as you can quickly find her by going to the Sheriff’s Office in Colorado Springs and talking to her. However, you will have to help Lucia with a quest before she joins your party permanently.

Talk To Everyone – Wasteland 3

Wasteland 3

Colorado Springs is a huge city, and there’s a lot to learn about the Colorado Wasteland if you chat with every character you meet. While talking to the characters can be boring at times, it will give you a lot of insight into the different Wasteland mechanics and lore, which you can then use to your advantage their interests in other tasks.

Sometimes characters will have quests for you that you won’t start without talking to them, so you also need to keep an eye out for characters that are important to the story or side quests.

Practice Combat – Wasteland 3

Wasteland 3

Random encounters are a great method to earn extra XP for you and practice your strategic combat skills. The game multiplayer comes from first- and third-person RPGs, which means practicing the turn-based combat system is a good way to hone your skills in unique battles.

You can complete random encounters using Kodiak to traverse the Colorado Wasteland, and sometimes you will encounter enemies that appear, which you can then join and fight. You can use this feature as much as you like, so make sure to use it for practice if you feel the need.